Amedeo, Her Italian Billionaire(2)

By: Susan Westwood

“You’d better get to work.”

Kalia waved a hand. “I already called in to tell them I’d be late. I’ll call in sick if you need me to.”

Kalia was the best friend that Violet had ever had during a life that saw few good things happen. “I think I’ll go back to bed. I’m wiped out and I need to make some serious decisions about my life.”

“You’ll do the right thing, Violet.”

“Yeah, past history tells me that. I wouldn’t be in this spot if I’d done the right thing.”

Kalia patted her hand. “Go back to bed. Get some sleep. I’m going to work. I’ll be off at three and I’ll check in then.”

“Use your key in case I’m asleep.”

“No problem.”

Kalia left her sitting in the bathroom. Could she handle this new wrinkle in her life? She wasn’t so sure. She had no choice. She couldn’t afford an abortion, but she’d bet that Amedeo could. She’d be out of his life if he paid for it.

There was no way he would want a baby from a one-night stand. Did she want a baby from a one night stand? She patted her stomach. “I don’t know what I’m going to do little one, but it has to be best for both of us.”

No answer from her abdomen. She didn’t expect one, but some divine intervention might be due about now. She looked at her phone. Should she call him now? No, she’d wait until she had some sleep. Things would look better then.

She left her phone on the sink, then crawled into bed.


Amedeo Killiano couldn’t sit still. He normally had a lot of energy. It was why he took up running. If he needed to sit by a computer all day, which was his passion, he knew he’d have to get physical in other areas of his life.

He’d received a cryptic phone call from a woman he’d had a one-night stand with. He’d given her his number, but she never called. He’d been sorry he didn’t get her number. They’d had a good time and he’d wanted to see her again. Not just for sex.

He waited a week then tried to forget about her. Here it was a few months later and she’d asked to see him. They hadn’t flirted on the phone so Amedeo had no idea what this meeting was about.

Not being able to concentrate on his latest program or read his emails, he’d found himself staring at the screen for minutes at a time. Not seeing, just wondering what she wanted. Had she changed her mind? He thought they could have had fun together. Nothing serious, but she’d had the best lips and he couldn’t forget how they looked on his dick.

That had been the best blowjob he’d ever had.

His secretary knocked then entered. “Just wanted to go through our day with you.”


She sat. “You have this mysterious appointment this morning, then you have to meet with your finance guy about that loan. He wants you to consolidate some debt.”

“He just wants a bigger commission. I have very little debt.”

“Then why’d you let him make an appointment?” Madge said.

She’d been his secretary for years and she could pretty much say anything she wanted to him. Never rude, but she was always forthright about giving her opinion. She was smart, so he always ran things by her. Always one to use his resources, he liked that she would give her opinion freely.

Except when it came to his dating life. She thought he should settle down with a nice girl. She was practically his second mother because his first mother said the same thing. Now that his brother Dante was married, his mother had turned her sights on getting him hitched. Which was the last thing he wanted.

No time. He worked odd hours. He liked to come and go as he pleased. He liked to sleep with whatever woman took his fancy that week. He did have stock in a condom company. Or so people thought.

Amedeo shrugged. “He’ll just badger me until I give in. This way, he thinks he won because he doesn’t know that I’m not changing anything.”

“You’re evil sometimes.”

“Sometimes. I mostly use my power for good,” Amedeo said.

“Let me leave you to your work. It’s a light day today for meetings.”

“Good, because I have some programming to do.”

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