Amedeo, Her Italian Billionaire(82)

By: Susan Westwood

“Is everyone here?”

She was clearly looking at all the cars in the driveway.


She scrunched up her face. “I love your family, but I’m not sure I’m up for all of them today. Can we go home?”

He patted her thigh. “Trust me. We don’t need to be here long, but I think it’ll be fine.”


They walked in and the first person he saw was Gwen with DJ or Dante Junior. He kissed Gwen’s cheek and then the top of DJs head. What a sweet smelling baby. Ah.

Everyone was in the kitchen and Violet had a puzzled look on her face when she saw Kalia who waved to her. She glanced back at Amedeo. “What’s going on?”

“I have a surprise.”


He greeted everyone with a hug or a kiss. His mother beamed. She knew what was going to happen. Hopefully Violet wouldn’t be upset. Hopefully she’d be happy. He was betting his heart on her reaction.

Violet hugged everyone then sat on the stool that Amedeo had indicated. Here gaze was wary, but she had a smile on her face. “This looks like an intervention.”

Amedeo laughed. “No, it’s not.”

He took a deep breath then looked around the room. All of the important people were here. He let out the breath.

Then he knelt in front of Violet. “I wanted everyone in our lives to be here when I did this.”

Violet looked around then back to Amedeo. “Yes they are all here.”

He pulled a ring box out of his pocket. A questioning look appeared on Violet’s face. They had wedding rings, but he hadn’t given her an engagement ring. He wanted that for her. He wanted her to know that he was all in this marriage. That it wasn’t a sham.

“Violet Taylor, will you marry me? Again? For real this time? I’ve grown to love you over these months and not just because you’re carrying my child, but because of who you are and who I am when I’m with you.”

Her eyes widened. Her mouth opened. Tears appeared. “Oh. My. God. I love you, too, Amedeo. Yes. I’ll marry you. Again.”

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