Babysitters Erotica Collection(10)

By: Vallen Green

“I know.” He licked her through her wet panties, tasting her juices. He removed her panties gently and sucked on her cherry red clit. She moaned loudly, and pressed his head even harder against her. His lips kissed her flesh and filled her pussy with saliva. He licked her over and over until once again another mouthful of secretions came out of her. For the first time in her life, she was able to feel the power of an orgasm. Her legs quivered as more juices came out of her. James was torturing her with his mouth and started licking thighs again. He removed the rest of her clothes and led her on the giant bed. He stripped of his shorts, revealing his shiny long cock, ready to torture her even more. “Wow, you really are big.”

“I love it when you say that.” He went over her and looked at her eyes deeply and entered her wet vagina. She closed her eyes and savoured the feeling of his cock rubbing against her. He rocked gently and slowly, making her desire reach a feverish pitch. “Faster James, ride me faster. Yes, yes, shove it on me...” James got so turned on by the cooing sound she made, the way her moans seem to come very deeply from her. He increased the speed of his pace and rocked her harder and harder until he exploded. They collapsed with their conjoined climax. Their bodies full of sweat.


Ashley stayed wide awake most of the night. She slept at one of the Jones’s guestrooms. Her body still is filled with so many sensations. While she was not exactly a virgin, she must admit that what happened a few hours ago is the most exciting thing that she ever experienced. James’s member was long and thick. For the first time since she had sex, she was able to feel satisfied.

The next Friday, James, Ashley, and Trish decided to do some movie marathon. The entertainment room is the most fascinating feature of the Jones’ home. With state of the art technology, sound proof walls, and digital surround sound, it’s like being in a real theatre. Apparently, James and Trish’s dad is a movie addict and he wanted his kids to be able to watch all their movies the best way possible.

Ashley was seated at the giant lazy boy, holding a big tub of popcorn and surrounded with pizza and sour gummy candies and other kiddie movie arsenals. Ashley and James are seated on the enormous leather couch at the farther side of the room. The ink dimness of the room, coupled by the creepy sounds amplified by the digital speakers made the movie experience more realistic.

As the minutes ticked by and the movie started to progress, James’s hand caught Ashley’s back. He held her like that for a few minutes then it inched downward to get a grip of her butt. His movement was deliberate and it made her skin tingle all over again. He slipped his hand under her sweater and rubbed her back, she almost squirmed in her seat.

She placed her hand on his thighs and rubbed him just the same, sensually caressing him until she heard her swift intake of breath. As his hand moved to cup one of her breasts, she felt hot and feverish and desperate to be alone with him. They were under a thick duvet but the privacy it offers is only minimal. She wanted to scream and moan and writhe on the couch. She wanted to do so many unmentionable things to him. The last thing she actually needed is a movie. Ashley took his hand and led it between her legs. She had been so hot and bothered the very second she sat beside him and now, restraint is out of the window. James understood perfectly what she had in mind and so slowly, she pushed a long finger inside her panty. Her skirt was highly accessible, but he found it difficult to play with her pussy with her seating position. “Spread your legs, Ash.” He whispered. She nodded her assent and spread her legs wide, giving him the access he needed. The fact that he would be finger fucking her here in the darkness is such a huge turn on. She leaned close to him and licked his earlobe, keeping her eyes focused on Trish’s seat. She’s a few feet away from them and oblivious to what’s happening behind her. At that moment, Ashley didn’t care. All she could think about was the wonderful feeling of James’s finger exploring her hot and slick pussy. She pushed her flesh against his hand, urging him to go deeper and deeper. Ashley touched herself countless of times in the past, but nothing is as erotic as another’s hand plunging into her folds. She was wet with wanting and her juices flowed more freely with the slow and deliberate stimulation. His hand screwed her vagina, rubbing against her G-spot, driving her over the edge.

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