Babysitters Erotica Collection(126)

By: Vallen Green

I looked around the kitchen, making sure everything was where they were supposed to be and in their proper place. I noticed the sounds in the living room have gone as well. I made my way softly to the door and took one final peek before—I don’t know, I did something that would change my life forever.

I saw Fred and Ashley had done their deed too, probably also around the time I finished my own business. They were now sitting on the couch, talking quietly. I saw they didn’t have their arms around each other, which meant, for me at least, that save for the fucking sessions, they didn’t care string beans about each other. I felt my lips curve up into a twisted smile. So what now? Am I supposed to be thankful they don’t have feelings for each other, that they’re using only their bodies to satisfy whatever pleasure it was they were craving? The whole thing was twisted, that I can pretty much see.

I felt my headache returning. Time to get out of here and be someplace else. Fred must never know about this, that I saw him getting it on with the babysitter and I jerked myself off while I watched them do it. No, he must never. Nobody must know about this secret. It’s the one thing I’ll take with me to the grave.

Still, my love for Fred didn’t go down one notch. And I think the feeling is mutual.

That being said, I went out the house, got into my car, and drove off somewhere.

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