Babysitters Erotica Collection(2)

By: Vallen Green

“Tina!” Robert exclaimed. “You’re here!” He paused and looked up the ceiling. “Of course. Connor needs you.” He grinned again, taking off his shoes at the same time.

“Hi, Mr. Smith!” Tina responded cheerily. “Yeah, Connor was beat from his swimming classes, and he thought it would be wise to hit the sack early.” She smiled nervously. “Mrs. Smith told me to stay with him until you got home, obviously.”

Robert nodded and padded toward the couch. “The meeting ended early, which is one of the few great things about random, casual meetings.” He sat on the couch and gave himself a good stretch. Tina had to restrain her tongue from creeping out of her mouth and running across her lips. Robert’s shirt had grown taut across his chest, emphasizing a firm, solid set of pectorals that Tina wanted to touch and caress.

What is happening to me? Tina thought stupidly.

“That’s . . . that’s great, Mr. Smith,” she said lamely. “Um, I’m glad you got to finish early.” She realized how silly that sounded, and she wanted to kick herself in the head. “Well, since you’re here and all, I should be going now.”

“Oh, no, no,” Robert objected. He stood up hurriedly and walked back toward Tina. “The night is young, and so are we.” He gave a mischievous smile. “I’d like for us to have a bit of, shall we say, fun tonight, Tina.” His green eyes held Tina’s blue ones, and Tina felt that shiver of delight again, this time in the space between her legs.

“That sounds . . . that sounds like fun, Mr. Smith,” she answered with a nervous chuckle.

Robert, amused at Tina’s response, threw his head back and laughed. “You’re a funny girl. Come on, let’s head to the kitchen and make some drinks.”

Tina followed Robert into the kitchen. She was twenty-one years old, but she had very few experience in terms of carnal adventures. Her last brush with sex had been two years ago, and she had remained celibate since then.

“What do you want?” Robert asked as he opened the refrigerator and rummaged around its contents. “I’d get myself some cold beer, and you’ll have?” He turned to look at Tina.

“You,” Tina blurted out. As soon as the word was out, she realized what she had said. With a gasp, she covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes wide open with horror.

Robert remained where he was for a few seconds and looked hard at Tina. Tina knew she should say something to ease the growing tension, maybe something along the lines of “It was a joke, Mr. Smith, did you happen to drop your sense of humor along the way?” when Robert stood up and walked rapidly to where she was.

“Mr. Smith,” Tina began, but no sooner were the words out when Robert decided not to let her finish. In one swift, fluid motion, his arms were around Tina and his lips were on hers.

Tina was too surprised to say or do anything. In her shock, she let Robert kiss her. There were times when she fantasized of engaging in some lip-locking action with the great Mr. Smith, but those fantasies did no justice to the real feel of his lips on hers.

Robert’s soft, plump lips were turning into a kissing monster. They were filled with a mixture of lust and passion, and they were attacking Tina’s lips with a fervor she wouldn’t have believed he was capable of.

Robert broke the kiss and pulled apart, although his arms were still wrapped around Tina. He stared into her eyes with an intensity that sent shivers up and down Tina’s spine. Robert felt it, and he gave a crooked grin. “Do you know I’ve been wanting to do that all along?” he said softly.

Tina was suddenly filled with desire. The desire flooded her so quickly, she felt herself go weak at the knees. And go weak she did. Had Robert not had his arms around her, she would’ve fallen into a swooning mess on the floor. Robert tightened his hold on her and lifted her off her feet. He carried her to the long brown table placed at the corner of the kitchen.

Robert sat Tina down on the table. He looked into her eyes again. Tina was still too surprised and weak with desire to say anything. Robert, though, must have seen it in her eyes because he nodded and began to unbutton Tina’s shirt.

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