Babysitters Erotica Collection(3)

By: Vallen Green

“What about Mrs. Smith?” Tina blurted out.

Robert’s fingers quit working on her buttons. His palm went to work instead by caressing one of Tina’s breasts. “Don’t worry about Janet,” he said calmly as he flattened the breast with his palm. “She’s okay.”

There were no more words after that. Robert finally did away with all the buttons on Tina’s shirt, which he then dropped to the floor. He fixed his eyes on Tina, now wearing nothing on top but a sheer black brassiere. For once, Tina didn’t feel self-conscious. Her breasts were always a part of her body-related issues. She didn’t like her breasts; she thought they were too big and lusty, and she believed that was all the boys wanted from her anyway.

It was different with Robert though. “Do you like them?” Tina said boldly. Right there and then, she decided to go all out with this whole episode, whatever the said episode may be. She decided to give her all to Robert Smith, who said his wife was okay, whatever that meant.

Robert didn’t speak with words. Instead he spoke with actions. He nodded again and reached behind Tina to unhook her bra. Tina let him. She sat tall and proud, a willing victim waiting for the ultimate sacrifice to take place.

Robert slid the straps of Tina’s bra down her arms, freeing her huge breasts in the process. Tina’s tits were big, but they were firm and pert. Robert bent down and kissed her right boob. Tina moaned; she couldn’t help it. Robert looked up at her when she moaned and, seeing she liked what he did, bent down to her chest again.

Robert put his mouth over Tina’s right nipple. He didn’t do anything yet, simply let the feel of his babysitter’s nipple wash over him. He raised his hand and grabbed the other breast. It was soft yet firm. It was pleasure. Robert began to move his fingers and knead the tender meat on his hands.

Tina couldn’t believe her fantasies were finally turning into reality. She had always been a breast person. She loved it when her partners played with her tits, as Robert was doing now. Unable to control herself, Tina let out one moan after another. She grabbed Robert by the head and pulled him closer to her chest.

Robert got the message and began to suck on her nipple, which grew hard and taut in his mouth. Tina moaned again, and her hips began to move on their own. Robert went on sucking her breast, and by the time his mouth was on the other breast, Tina’s panties were soaking wet.

Robert took his sweet time sucking, biting, and licking Tina’s tits. Tina knew he knew what he was doing very well, and she had to bite her tongue to keep from shouting and screaming with pleasure. After biting Tina’s nipple, Robert moved his mouth down to her stomach. He let his tongue make a trail from Tina’s chest to her stomach, down to her navel, where he dipped his tongue for a moment, and into the mound between her legs.

Tina couldn’t stand it any longer. She quickly removed her hands from Robert’s hair and began to unbutton her jeans. Robert helped her remove her belt, and five seconds later, Tina’s jeans were a crumpled heap on the floor.

Robert stared at the babysitter who was now wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of black panties. He felt himself grow rock hard. With a groan, he took off his shirt and did away with his jeans and underwear. In a matter of seconds, he stood in front of Tina wearing nothing at all. Tina’s eyes widened when she saw Robert’s cock.

“You’re so big,” she whispered in awe. She reached out and touched Robert’s dick, to which Robert replied with a sharp intake of breath.

“Don’t,” he said harshly. “Not now. You first.”

Tina nodded. She spread her legs wide open, revealing to Robert the sexy slit that lay hidden between her dark and already wet panties. Robert bent down, pushed a lacy corner aside, and slid his tongue into the wet crevice that was nothing but pure Tina. He tasted Tina’s fluids, sliding his tongue in even farther. Tina felt the invasion, but she welcomed it. She lay on her back on the table and pushed Robert’s head closer to her most private part. Robert, however, needed no pushing. He was licking and sucking on Tina’s lips, which were pink, throbbing, and swollen.

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