Babysitters Erotica Collection(4)

By: Vallen Green

With a groan, Robert pulled Tina’s panties down and threw them into the floor as well. Tina was not completely bare and all for Robert’s taking, and take her he did. He lowered his head down Tina again and resumed his licking and sucking on her lips. He slid his tongue inside Tina’s crack, and when this motion brought about several moans and groans from Tina, he moved his tongue around and all over the deep slit.

Tina became a thrashing mess on the table. Robert was insane, she decided. He knew how to touch her, all right. He knew all the right places and right buttons to push. When he slid his tongue inside her, Tina had to stop herself from screaming herself hoarse. It was that good.

As if he read her mind, Robert took the pleasure to another level by inserting a finger inside Tina as well. The sensation was too much for Tina. She tightened her grip on Robert’s hair and raised her legs in the air. She writhed around some more, and her panting grew harder.

Robert had found a rhythm involving his tongue and finger, and this he used for a good ten minutes to drive Tina wild. When he was done, he raised himself on all fours and stood over Tina. He took her legs and placed them on her shoulders, adjusting their position as was necessary. When he was satisfied with how things were in place, he nodded again and inserted his dick inside Tina.

Tina gasped. The sensation wasn’t exactly painful, but it was uncomfortable and slightly burning. A fat lot of help her celibacy did to her, Tina thought. Robert paused a moment before he thrust himself inside her again. This time, with Tina’s juices to help him out, he slid in more easily and less painfully. Pain became pleasure in an instant. Tina relaxed and closed her eyes, letting Robert pump hard into her. “Faster,” she ordered.

Robert was all worked up, and pump faster he did. He thrust in and out of Tina in between hard grunts. It was like slipping into some unique oil. Tina was totally wet and slippery, and the minute friction created between their fleshes made things even more delicious. Tina’s fit was nice and tight. Robert thought she fit him like a glove, and the thought got him hornier again. With a loud groan, he pumped into her harder and faster than ever. If Tina felt any pain, she didn’t show it, what with her moans and all.

“I’d like to fuck you in the ass,” Robert suddenly said.

Tina only looked back at him. “Be my guest,” she replied. Then she turned around so that she was now lying on her stomach.

Robert grabbed Tina’s hips and pulled her closer to him. Then he spread the cheeks of her butt apart and teased the hole a bit by pressing the tip of his penis against it.

Tina felt Robert’s dick graze her ass, and she groaned in frustration. She wanted him inside her right now. It didn’t even matter where or how. The thing was to get Robert inside her. That was all that mattered.

Robert heard Tina’s groan, and he laughed in response. “You slut!” he exclaimed, accompanying each word with a hard smack on each cheek. The slap took Tina by surprise, but it completely turned her on. She turned her head so she could meet Robert in the eye and snarled, “Get it in!”

Robert grabbed Tina’s hips again and, without warning, shoved his cock inside her ass. Pain flared and bloomed inside Tina’s anus, and she cried out loud. “That hurt!” she exclaimed.

But instead of feeling her pain, Robert appeared to be aroused by Tina’s sudden cry of pain. He grinned and jammed himself harder inside Tina’s anus, his force fueled further by Tina’s groans and cries. After a couple of thrusts, he found out he couldn’t take it anymore. He was about to burst, and burst he did. With a loud cry, he gripped Tina’s hips to hold her in place and thrust himself way deep down inside her. He gave another loud cry as he came and shot his semen inside Tina’s asshole. Tina squirmed, and Robert held her even tighter so as to not let her get away.

Tina collapsed face-down on the table, breathing harshly. Robert was panting too, but his active lifestyle kept him in great shape. His endurance was never an issue, something his wife approved immensely on their own sack sessions. His wife was equipped with an endurance and stamina that could rival his own, but Tina wasn’t his wife. There she was, sprawled on the table looking like she wouldn’t have the strength to ever stand again.

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