Babysitters Erotica Collection(5)

By: Vallen Green

“Get up,” Robert said curtly. “This isn’t done yet. I’m not done yet.”

Tina flipped on her back. Her breasts were moving up and down in perfect timing with her breathing. Her cunt was still swollen and drenched with white fluid, some of which were beginning to dry out already. Looking at her like that got Robert’s arousal going again. He slapped Tina’s cunt.

“Ouch!” Tina exclaimed, her surprise mingled with hurt.

“I said we’re not done yet,” Robert repeated. “On your side now.”

With a whimper, Tina turned and lay on her side. Robert nodded approvingly and went to lie down right behind her. He draped an arm over her so that his hand was fondling a breast. “I’m the boss around here, Tina,” he whispered, his fingers playing an erotic song over Tina’s growing nipple. “I say what I want you to do, and you do what I say.”

Tina nodded. She was too choked up to say anything. She wasn’t afraid of Mr. Smith, not by a long shot, but she didn’t like being told what to do, especially in bed. Tina was used to calling all the shots, but the tables were turned now. She was the slave, and Robert was the master.

Robert saw her nod. “Good.” He removed his hand from her breast and placed it beneath her thigh, placing it right on her cunt. His fingers worked their magic again, three of them inside Tina now. Tina closed her eyes and whimpered in pleasure. Robert didn’t say anything; he simply went on twirling and rotating his fingers inside Tina’s flesh. The more he twirled, the more Tina became wet, and the more Tina became wet, the easier it became to move inside her. The cycle went on.

Robert removed his finger out of Tina’s organ. This time, he held her leg and raised it high, supporting its weight with his hand. Without even a word, he thrust his cock inside Tina’s still-slippery cunt. The entry was made easier by Tina’s bodily fluids, and Robert was once again reminded of how he like the snug fit of Tina on his dick.

They went on like that for quite some time: Tina on her side, grinding her hips to move along with Robert’s thrusts, Robert sliding himself deeper and deeper into the college girl’s cunt with every thrust he made, shutting his eyes and moaning with pleasure in every thrust he made, his steady hand still holding Tina’s leg up in the air.

Tina shuddered, and a split second later, Robert did the same. Their almost-synchronous orgasms exploded in a kind of symphony that both have never felt before. Tina cried out loud and shuddered again as another orgasm rocked through her sweat-drenched body. Robert pulled himself out of Tina and lay on his back, breathing heavily. Beside him, Tina panted harshly too.

The door to the kitchen suddenly swung open, and before Tina could let a word out, Mrs. Smith strode into the room. Erin Smith was no longer dressed in the formal business suit she had on early in the evening when Tina met her for the babysitting session. What she had on was a white lacy slip that revealed more than concealed. Tina’s eyes widened. Whoever said Erin Smith was hot had obviously never seen her in her naked glory. Hot was an understatement. Scorching and blazing were the words that rang closest to the goddess that was Erin Smith, and even those two words didn’t bring her beauty any justice.

I’m dead, Tina thought. She knew she would do the same if the tables were turned, if it was she who caught the babysitter with nothing on and lying on a kitchen table beside her husband.

“Darling,” Robert drawled. “You’re home.”

Erin responded by giving her husband a deep kiss. Robert kissed her back, and pretty soon, they were engaged in some heavy tongue action. Tina couldn’t believe her eyes. But what she couldn’t believe even more was that she actually felt turned on by the sight before her.

Erin broke the kiss and turned to face Tina. Blushing furiously, Tina opened her mouth to explain everything. But she was unable to get anything out, though, because Erin’s mouth was suddenly on hers. A second later, Erin’s tongue was cutting into her lips and into her mouth as well.

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