Babysitters Erotica Collection(6)

By: Vallen Green

More of a reflex than anything else, Tina kissed Erin back. Erin sighed and ran her tongue inside Tina’s mouth. She then went on to suck Tina’s tongue, and Tina moaned.

Once again Erin broke the kiss and whispered in Tina’s ear, “Don’t ever think I’m mad at your or at Robert, Tina dear.” She kissed the tip of Tina’s ear.

In one fluid motion, Erin shed her lacy slip and stood in her birthday suit in front of Tina. Tina eyed her hungrily. Erin’s breasts weren’t too large, but they looked firm and upright. Her hips were incredible, and she didn’t have a hint of hair down there. Unable to help herself, Tina moved toward Erin and fastened her mouth on Erin’s breasts.

Tina sucked on Erin’s apple-like breasts with an intensity she didn’t know she had. Erin didn’t moan, but she gave these harsh, short breaths that gave away the fun she was having with what Tina had been doing. Tina ran her tongue over Erin’s tits, down Erin’s stomach, and into Erin’s cunt. Erin spread her legs apart to give Tina more access. Tina showed her gratitude by inserting two fingers into Erin’s crack and slowly licking on Erin’s clit.

Tina was suddenly aware of someone standing behind her. Looking up, she saw it was Robert. Robert and Erin—husband and wife, Tina found herself thinking—were sharing yet another deep and torrid kiss. The sight of the gorgeous couple passionately locking their lips made Tina moan with pleasure. She stuck her tongue inside Erin’s cunt. Erin tasted of something sweet and a faint hint of sweat. Erin’s hips made grinding motions that Tina understood for pleasure, and she increased the speed of her tongue darting in and out of Erin’s cunt. Erin groaned again, and Tina grabbed Erin’s hips this time to stop her from completely falling over.

Tina’s tongue made its dance in and out of Erin’s cunt, until Erin broke free from Robert’s lips and buckled over. Liquid gushed out of Erin’s organ, filling Tina’s mouth and spraying her face. Tina swallowed Erin’s come and shut her eyes, liking how the fluid sprayed her face. Then something was thrust inside her mouth. It was Robert’s cock. Robert, standing over Tina, was also sucking at Erin’s breasts. Erin, in turn, was playing with Tina’s breasts the way a juggler would play with his magic balls.

Tina ran her tongue all over Robert’s penis and took in as much of him as her mouth would allow. She sucked at his dick as hard as she could, all the time perfectly aware of Erin’s hands and fingers pulling and tugging on her breasts.

Just as she was getting ready to roll her tongue around Robert’s shaft again, Robert let out a loud cry and came right in her mouth. Tina almost choked from the sudden surge of sperm, but she held it in and swallowed the liquid whole. Robert pulled himself out from her mouth, but not before he bent down and gave her a short but brief kiss right on the lips.

Almost simultaneously the three of them sank down and lay on the floor. Tina, Robert, and Erin were all soaked to the skin with sweat, breathing heavily, and had traces of come in some parts of their bodies. Tina shut her eyes, trying to keep her beating heart to a more regular rate. Never, never in a million years did she expect this to happen to her—and with the drop-dead gorgeous Smiths, her next-door neighbors, of all people.

For a moment Tina wondered how things would turn out after this was all over. Would Mr. and Mrs. Smith keep her as Connor’s babysitter? Would they talk to her in the event they run into each other in the street or at the mall? Would they even look her way should they get out from their front doors at the same time?

Tina turned her head and was surprised to find both Robert and Erin smiling widely at her. They showed nothing of the coldness and awkwardness Tina expected to take place after the whole episode. She suddenly felt embarrassed and—oh, God—so small for even thinking of such a thing about her neighbors. The Smiths were stars in their own way, but they weren’t snobbish or anything. They were cool, Tina decided. Yes, cool was the term.

“We made an excellent choice with her, didn’t we, darling?” Erin drawled, making small circles on Tina’s stomach. “Tina, dear, we knew you’d be up to this the instant we laid eyes on you.”

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