Babysitters Erotica Collection(7)

By: Vallen Green

Tina didn’t know what to say, so she made a choice not to say anything. She only looked at their faces, still sweaty but still very beautiful.

“You didn’t know it then, but we knew you were attracted to us,” Robert spoke up. We’re not blind. We know we look good and people like us, but we know genuine attraction when we see one.” He leaned and kissed Erin’s neck.

“I don’t know what to say,” Tina said truthfully.

Erin chuckled. “Poor thing. You don’t have to say anything, dear. And frankly, I believe I know what’s on your mind.” The hand on Tina’s stomach stopped moving. “Of course you’ll keep on babysitting Connor. If you still want to, that is. We love our son, and we know how much you both love each other.”

“It would be a waste to let someone like you go,” Robert chimed in.

Erin nodded. “That’s right. I know you don’t think we’re funny and sex-starved maniacs, although that is the case sometimes. But that’s not the point. The point is that things will stay the way they are, but as I mentioned, only if you’re fine with it.” Her hand moved down until it was resting on Tina’s cunt.

Tina tensed, expecting Erin to slide in a finger into her, but Erin did nothing. The hand simply sat where it was. Tina mustered enough courage to look at Erin in the face. When their eyes met, Erin smiled and gave her a wink.

“She’s still in shock, darling,” Robert told Erin wryly.

Erin laughed. “Stop teasing Tina, Robert.” She turned to Tina. “Well, what do you say?”

“I’d like to remain as Connor’s babysitter,” Tina answered honestly. “Okay, I think you folks are hot as hell, but I genuinely like Connor. It would be a drag and it wouldn’t make any sense if I leave him now just because of this.” She gestured around them. “I admit, I was surprised, but I’m cool.” She smiled.

Erin clapped her hands. “Great! Now everything’s settled.” She turned to Robert and smiled suggestively. “Any chance you’d like to play another round?” She turned back to Tina. “You’re welcome to join us, of course.”

Tina stood up. “Thanks, but maybe next time. This is pretty heavy stuff for me to swallow.” She realized how crazy that sounded, and laughed.

Robert and Erin laughed too. “If you say so.” Then they pounced on Tina, and the three of them fell into a thrashing mess at the kitchen floor.

Wake up Ashley

Ashley is a strawberry blonde girl with flirty brown eyes. She had been working as a babysitter every summer since she entered high school. The whole experience is a lot of fun for her as there are always new people to meet and nice kids she can get acquainted with. Many of the parents she met loved her easy going nature and the fact that kids seem to really like being with her.

“Morning Ash.”, said James as she passed by her at the kitchen.

“Morning.” James is Trish’s older brother. He’s a student at the University and is here on vacation. She blushed as he greeted her. It annoys her that she can be very casual with the rest of this household but not with James. He is breathtakingly handsome and the girls in the neighbourhood are fighting for her attention. He is also very tall, and the fact that Ash is petite makes her feel vulnerable whenever he is around. She was staring and wanted to kick herself for not being able to control her reactions towards him.

“Good morning Ash. Come join us for breakfast.” That’s Mrs. Jones, the charming mother of James and Trish. Looking at her, you would marvel at how she raised her kids as a single mom. She’s a beautiful woman with a Southern accent. She’s in her late 30’s but could easily pass as twenty-ish mom. She’s a great cook and on this particular Saturday morning, the breakfast table is filled with warm bagels, croissants, Spanish omelette, sausages, and bacon. There’s also a delicious baking smell coming from the oven-----smells like yummy brownies.

Trish, her subject, is 5. She’s a mini version of Goldilocks, with curly hair like gold spun lace and blue eyes that smile all the time, except when she’s hungry. “Hi Ash. Let’s go for a swim later. Okay?”

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