Babysitters Erotica Collection(8)

By: Vallen Green

“Sure, Trish.” The kiddo is a fantastic swimmer and more and more, the house pool seems to be a tad too small for her talents. Good thing she brought some swimsuit with her.

The breakfast is amazing. However, with James seated across from her, she was not able to swallow anything. She hated feeling this self-conscious but she can’t help it. Damn it, he’s so hot.

That afternoon, Mrs. Jones went to the groceries. She saw James watching her while she was watching T.V. He made her feel so very self conscious. She felt like spreading her legs so he can see her see through underwear. “Are you crazy?”, she thought to herself. James is the classic rake. Besides, he never showed any interest on her more than watching her closely when he thinks he is unnoticed. She focused on his hands. Ashley already felt them brushing against her skin. All of a sudden, she felt feverish. Damn.

Mrs. Jones---Miranda swept her way down the staircase leaving behind a trail of racy Gucci Rush. She’s wearing a smashing black number that reveals her dainty long legs and her slender body. She obviously prepared for a hot date and well, she looks great. She gave Trish a peck on the cheek and hugged her tight. “I’ll be back before you know it, sweetie. I’ll leave you with Ashley for a while. “Bye, mommy.” Trish said.

“Shall we go upstairs now for some stories? Or do you want to watch T.V. for a while?”

“I want to hear some new stories Ash. Plus, I want to play with my Barbies. Let’s go upstairs.” The kid took Ashley’s hand and led her upstairs. As they walked towards her room, they passed by James’ room. Ashley’s heart started to pound. She looked away.

The next couple of hours were spent telling stories to Trish. She love the Disney Princess, Jasmine is her favourite. After finishing two stories, Ash went to the kitchen to get a can of diet soda. Trish spent some quality time with her Malibu Barbie. As she bent down to grab some diet Coke, she felt a hand on her leg. “Trish, do you want some chocolate milkshake?” She asked. When there was no response, she turned and saw James standing behind her. “I want a milkshake. I’m sorry I startled you. You have some neon ink stains on your leg. Looks like Trish played her highlighter trick again.”

She looked at her legs and so what he was talking about. There were pink and neon yellow streaks everywhere. She tried to rubbed the stains with her cold hand. “It’s not gonna work. You need to do more than that. He walked away and came back seconds later holding some tin of salve in one of his hands. He took some paper towels as well. “Look, it’s okay. Don’t bother. I get dirtied up like this all the time. It’s no big deal.” She saw his disappointed look and held put her hand. “Okay, let me have those.” James shook his head. “Let me do it. Your legs are totally stained, especially at the back. I can easily wipe everything off.”

She shrugged her shoulders and sat on one of the kitchen stools. “Fine.”, she said. She hated being alone with him---hated the fact that she can’t seem to say anything sensible whenever he is around. Ashley snapped open her soda can and drank the cool effervescent liquid. James’ hand rubbed some salve on her legs and gently rubbed it off with some tissue. His manner was gentle at the beginning but all of a sudden, his hands began to massage her legs in a sensual way, making her sigh deeply. “Is Trish asleep?” He asked.

“Hmmm, not yet. Speaking of which, I have to get back to her. She’ll be looking for me soon.” With that, she jumped out of the stool, but not before James caught her lips and grabbed her butt. They kiss---- their mouths tentative. He pushed his tongue inside her mouth and massaged her butt with his hands. She pulled herself away. “Please. I have to get back now.” He nodded. “Come back here as soon as you can. I will be waiting.” Unable to think clearly, she rushed out of the kitchen and almost ran for the stairs.

She gently opened the door to Trish’s room and saw her still busy with her Barbie. “What took you so long, Ash?” she asked.

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