Babysitters Erotica Collection(9)

By: Vallen Green

“Sorry. I had to make some calls. Would you like something? A glass of milk?” Ashley offered.

“No, thanks. I feel sleepy. Can we do another story?”

“Sure thing, hop on your bed.” Ashley said.

It only took one page of theatrical story telling and Trish dozed off. Ashley took her favourite bunny bear and placed it beside her. She delicately placed her dusty pink comforter and kissed her cheek. “Sleep tight Goldilocks.”

It was 5 minutes past nine but she does not worry. It’s weekend tomorrow and since her mom and Mrs. Jones know each other, she’s able to spend the night here a few times already without making her mom worry. She made her way down the stairs quietly. James was still there, in front of his laptop. She sat down beside him. When he felt her, he closed his laptop and turned to face her. “I want you Ashley.” With that, he took her hand and led her inside one of the guestrooms downstairs. It was the room at the house front, they’d know if someone arrives. He closed the door and caught her mouth, this time he kissed her gently. His tongue made light tantalizing movements on her lips, causing her entire body to tingle. “We shouldn’t.”, said Ashley in between breaths. He shook his head. “You came downstairs all by yourself Ashley. I know you want this too.” He took his hand again and pressed it against his shorts. He was rock hard. “God, you’re so big.” She cupped him gently and he groaned. “That feels amazing...” His mouth started to mate with hers again, his tongue sucking all her defences. It was the most erotic kiss she’d ever experienced. Hot. Torrid. Melting.

He started to lick her neck, tasting her. She smelled sinful-----like a fusion of chocolate and strawberries. He nibbled on her ears and she leaned even harder against the door as she continued to massage his hard on. Little by little his mouth went down until it caught the neckline of her dress. Her skin was flushed and feverish and her breasts felt full and heavy. He kissed the exposed skin and licked it again and again until her eyes were filled with so much lust. “I always wanted to rip off your clothes every time I see you.” He whispered as he began to massage her tits. “I dreamt about sucking your nipples ever since I laid eyes on you. Damn you for making me so horny.” She held his head and pushed it against her breast. He licked all the skin his tongue can reach and started to unbutton the bodice of her dress. She was wearing a simple white bra, but her breasts are big and full and totally enticing. He kissed the dark valley in between them and caressed her smooth back. “Put your mouth on them James. Lick me, suck me, do as you please.” He smiled as he licked her nipples through her bra. It was a sensual tease. The way the fabric felt as his tongue rubbed against her was more than she could bear. He unhooked her bra and feasted on her tits, rubbing his face back and forth against their fullness. “Ohhhh James. Don’t stop.” She arched her back and allowed him to suck her over and over, moaning sweet nothings as he did so. His eyes were intent and as he kissed her, her pussy grew wet. His mouth went down and licked her belly as he cupped her ass. It was all too much to bear. His head went down in between her legs and inhaled her deeply. His intake of breath and the fact that he is smelling her flesh made her shiver. It was all too sexy.

He kneeled down and pressed his nose against her and grinded it gently. He made gentle thrusts with his nose, stimulating her pussy to perfection. She felt her hot juices flow from her, and her female aroma filled James’s nostrils. He lifted the hem of her skirt and his hand inched slowly up her thighs. His mouth followed the path of hand and kissed every bit of skin it passed. Her heart skipped a bit when his finger tugged at the leg band of her underwear. He slid a finger inside and caressed the plump lips of her freshly waxed pussy. Since there was nary a single strand of hair to buffer the sensation, her clit was easily stimulated and responded to the lightest of touch. He raised her skirt up to her waist and rubbed his face on her now wet panties. “James, you’re driving me crazy. I’m so wet already.”

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