Beastly Desires(10)

By: Nikki Winter

She closed her eyes and he bit back a growl. She was removing herself from him and he didn’t like it; her eyes told him what he needed to know and by shuttering them, she’d effectively restricted his ability to read her.

“What do you want?” Her tone was almost a whisper. “What do you want from me?”

Kaisal moved away, shoved his hands into his pockets. “I told you.” He didn’t know if it was instinct or his own twisted way to stay in her presence a little while longer but he needed to do it.

Her chest rose and fell and he could see in her gaze that she wanted to call him a liar, tell him that he had no reason to make sure she or her son had eaten, that he had no reason to make sure anything good happened.

Instead she simply shook her head. “No.”

He quirked a brow. “No?”

“I’m telling you no.”

“You’re telling me no?”

“That’s exactly what I’m doing.”

Kaisal grunted before holding out a hand. “Could I see my phone, please?”

She reached over to the passenger seat, eyes on him, and then tossed it.

He caught it without relinquishing her gaze and swiped the screen. From memory alone he navigated the device and dialed Naresh.

“Have the hordes of cannibalistic children descended already?” his brother answered.

“No,” Kaisal replied casually. “I haven’t gone yet. Send Baz.”

“Err…you’re making me command our extremely volatile, extremely violent, light-eyed freak of a cousin to do something?”

“Yes. Now do it.” He ended the call without another word and tilted his head. “We can do this one of two ways, sweetheart.” Kaisal motioned to her SUV. “I can shift and put all seven hundred pounds of my large, fur-bearing ass on the hood of your nice vehicle or you can simply agree to my requests.”

She blinked, then rolled up the window while giving him the finger.

His lips curved and he unzipped his bomber, dropping it to the ground. Her eyes narrowed. Kaisal allowed a full smile as he tugged his sweater up over his head, the T-shirt beneath it following. Her lips parted, and he could read them clearly. “Don’t you fucking dare.”

Snorting, he bent over and unlaced his boots, starting to kick them off while going for his belt.

The window quickly rolled back down. “All right! All-fucking-right!”

Grinning, Kaisal redressed, uncaring that flakes of snow had already hit his skin and discarded clothing. The coolness relaxed him, calming his overheated flesh. “I know this amazing deli. Stays open all night, caters to others.” He looked over her shoulder. “And they love the little ones.”

She tucked in her lips, warily staring.

“We could get you settled in at the hotel first if you’d like,” he softly suggested, watching the fight drain from her. His was attempting to be as non-threatening as possible—didn’t want her bolting the very second she got the chance.

The expression on her face told him she was hesitant to do so. “Under my name,” Kaisal added as he slowly re-approached. “We’ll put it under my name so no one will pick up on yours.”

Her jaw worked as she rubbed her palms over her eyes. “Why?”

He answered in the only way he knew, the only way that made sense to him. “Because I just want to feed you.”


The Oriade Towers. He’d brought her to the fucking Oriade Towers. Kamali almost swallowed her tongue the moment downtown came into view and the italicized O with a lion’s mouth just inside assaulted her eyes. When he’d said a hotel, she’d thought of something along the lines of a smaller chain or an extended stay but no, it was her family’s business, her father’s business. One Nico would now have full control of. No, no, no.

They pulled around to the valet, and she didn’t step foot outside of her SUV. Kaisal looked back at her and stopped dead in his tracks, reading her face clearly. His eyes asked her a question and her nails dug divots into her dashboard as she shook her head slowly.

He cocked his head toward the illuminated sign resting on the immaculate structure, and she nodded in the same manner.

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