Beastly Desires(3)

By: Nikki Winter

His mouth opened and closed.

Kamali full-on smiled. “I didn’t think so.” She pulled the trigger twice and felt a resounding echo of nothing. There was no remorse, regret, or fear. Just. Nothing.

Turning around, she headed for the truck and opened the back passenger side door. Callum tumbled out and into her arms. She pressed her face to his neck and ran a hand down his small back, biting back a sob at the way he wrapped himself around her.

“You’re safe, if¹. You’re safe…”


Nico stared down at his two dead pride members and felt the slow boil of rage start to roil through him. “That bitch...”

Rave Okal—now Nico’s new second—tsked behind him. It had taken a few days but they’d finally found Jared and Russ’ bodies after catching the scent of death miles off pride territory. “That bitch was smart. She clearly predicted what the rest couldn’t.”

Nico took in a deep breath and then another and another. He kept inhaling until the urge to kill depleted and looked at Rave. “I don’t give a fuck if you’ve gotta chase her from here to the third ring of hell, I want her brought back to me alive.”

“And the cub?”

He waved a hand. “Kill him. This time she won’t be able to save the little bastard. And once that’s done, I’ll have more than enough fun reminding her who reigns here now.”

Rave’s brows rose but he made no objections. “As you wish.”


Morrison, Colorado…

Irritating. That goddamn buzzing was like a beacon just asking him to kill; kill a lot. It might’ve been his sensitive hearing or the fact that he was trying to quietly, happily, curl up and sleep. That was all he wanted—sleep. Why were others against the basic principle of rest? Why was it illegal for him to go on a mass-murdering spree when said others displayed their complete disregard for said rest? And why wouldn’t his goddamn phone stop all its goddamn buzzing, pushing him just that much closer to crushing it in his goddamn hands?

Kaisal Verochka finally stopped his unsuccessful attempt to sleep and rolled over toward his nightstand. With a small growl, he swiped the screen on the device and quietly said, “If this is not an emergency, please prepare yourself for the onslaught of my fury.”

There was a snort. “I cannot even begin to describe how frightened I truly am. I think my balls just tucked themselves away,” Kaisal’s brother Naresh stated just as softly. “Would you like me to put the phone receiver just beneath my thigh so you can hear their screams of terror for yourself?”

He sighed, then sighed again. Once he felt that was sufficient enough as a response, Kaisal hung up, snapped his phone in half—uncaring that it cost damn near the same price of rent in a townhome—and tossed it. That done, he rolled over, taking his sheets with him as he pulled them over his head and closed his eyes. The lulling sensation of his own natural heat soon took over and he could feel himself falling. At least until his fucking landline just about screamed.

“Son of a cock!” Kaisal snatched the phone off its base. “What?! What?! What do you want?!”

Silence followed right before, “Why are you such an angry person? What made you this way? Who hurt you?”

“Naresh,” he snarled. “I can swear to you that I am going to shove my hand through your chest, take your ribcage and play my own rendition of ‘Silent Night’ while using it as a xylophone if you don’t get to the black bottom line of this call. Are you understanding me? I am threatening to use parts of your vertebrae as an instrument.”

“Well, if you’re going to be a dick about it…”

Kaisal pulled back the phone, sucked in a deep breath and roared. His nightstand rattled as well as his bedframe and the rest of the furniture in his bedroom. The small screen on the landline cracked but it fazed him none. The second he was finished, he put it back to his ear. “You were saying?”

“So,” Naresh casually stated. “I think I need to go to the ER now.”

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