Beastly Desires(80)

By: Nikki Winter

To Kamali,

If you’re reading this and I didn’t hand it to your personally it means you have either been snooping through my things like the curious cub you always were or the worse has happened and I am no longer around to admonish you for all your mischievous ways. Neither really matter because you’ve found what I’ve struggled to keep from you all these years. I have a story to tell you, ÌmÍ-binrin Íba. It is a story of love…


“Kamali’s been in there for a bit,” Naresh said as he closed the doors on his Suburban. “Maybe you should go check on her.”

Kaisal looked down at his phone and peeked at the time. Over the last hour they’d gotten things wrapped up as well as they could for now. The rogues were separated, and the cubs left behind had already been sheltered back on Verochka territory until verdicts came down from the elders. He’d left Kamali to look through her father’s office but it had been quite a while since she’d gone in.

He pushed away from the truck. “I’ll go see what’s keeping her.”

The moment he hit the foyer he could hear it. The sound of wailing. It was acute and pained and it was coming from his mate. Running through the home, Kaisal found the office once again and burst through the door. On the floor sat Kamali, her knees to her chest, her arms wrapped around them as she rocked and sobs racked her.


She looked up, her eyes so full of heartbreak that it made him stumble. Kaisal carefully walked over to her and dropped to his knees. He reached out and swiped some of the tears from her face. “Tell me.”

Seemingly unable to stop crying, she waved to an album by her feet. He picked it up and flipped through several different photos before halting. “Kamali?” His voice was whisper soft. “Who is this?”

Kamali gazed at the picture he was pointing to—one that looked like her—and answered, “My mother. That’s my mother.”

“Oh, baby,” Kaisal breathed, running his finger over the face that was an imitation of her own. “She’s beautiful.”

Sniffling, she nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, she is.”

He swallowed and cast his stare back to her. “Where’d you find this?”

“Th-the drawer,” she stuttered. “I found it in the drawer. He left it. He left it for me. My father left it for me.” Her chest pushed out and then the dam broke once again.

Kaisal caught her before she curled into the floor and pulled her into his chest. Kissing her temple and her nose, he softly spoke over her cries and cradled her. “I know, baby…I know…”

She buried her face into his chest. “Why does this hurt now? Why does it hurt so much? I can’t even…my chest…fuck…”

“Because now you see that he loved you,” he mumbled into her hair. “Now you see that he really loved you…”

They didn’t moved after that, remaining on the floor as she poured every ounce of grief she had out in her mourning. Naresh came in with curiosity on his face but left them at the sight of Kaisal comforting her. No one else walked in after that. No one else disturbed her grief.

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