Beck and Call(10)

By: Abby Gordon

Serena frowned. That didn’t fit with anything 22

Beck And Call

she had ever heard about the lifestyle. Admittedly, what







denunciations by her family, who collectively could have given the Puritans a run for their money, but that had been augmented by lurid stories and gossip from her college days. Turning the book over, the back cover described the book as a manual with a mix of erotic stories. Still of a mind to reject it, she opened it and found another note on the contents page.

Serena, I’ve crossed out the page numbers that are more extreme than I go and circled those that would apply to us. I’ve turned down pages to mark specific







Dominant/submissive relationships are not all about whips and chains or whatever else you may have heard. That’s sadomasochism and, like sex slaves, something I have never found of interest. The type of relationship I envision having with you is quite different, as you will discover by reading page eight.

Was there anything the man didn’t think of?

Now rather amused, Serena turned to page eight.

Her eyes scanned the page, picking up key words and




discipline...submissives who have a career and interests of his/her own...agree upon submissive boundaries.

A slight frown formed between her eyes as she read about safe words and how the well-being of the submissive was the priority of the dominant. A submissive could refuse certain sex acts and punishments, but focused on the dominant’s needs in return for protection. Communication and trust were key. Without those two things, the relationship wouldn’t work.


Abby Gordon

Chapter Three

Serena frowned. In many ways, that one paragraph described a ‘normal’ relationship. A couple taking care of each other in and out of the home. Well, except for the punishment, discipline, and all. She shook her head. Okay, she understood that he didn’t intend to beat her or anything. She snorted. As if she’d let anyone do that to her. But then, just what did it mean to be submissive? And what might this man want from her? Just sex? Or possibly, something more? Checking the turned-down corners, she skimmed over the marked sections.

After reading several paragraphs, she sat back in her chair and considered them. There was some physical discipline, mostly in the form of light spanking, if the submissive back-talked or broke their rules. There was some bondage, some use of sex toys, but mostly simple obedience. Hers to his commands. Serena realized she was indeed intrigued by the relationship the unknown Dominant outlined.

Closing her eyes, she groaned. That was it.

She’d definitely lost her mind. How could she even consider such a thing? From the book she’d devoured the past two nights, she knew it was because she was tired of being a vanilla girl with a vanilla life.

She had been willing to go on a blind date or meet a man at a bar, so how much farther down the spectrum was this? In many ways, this dominant was giving her all the power, at least initially, by giving her a way to stop all further communications.

Her eyes flew open. He’d gotten to her desk, into 24

Beck And Call

her desk. That meant he had to work in the building.

That meant she probably knew this man! Then why go to all this trouble? Why not just ask her out?

When he ‘communicated’ with her next, he had a few questions to answer.

Serena realized she’d made up her mind. She nodded slowly. As crazy as it might sound, she would see just what this dominant wanted with her. If she didn’t like the answers, then she would put his promise not to communicate with her to the test.

Feeling settled, she tucked the book and notes safely in her tote and closed the drawer. Starting her computer, she printed Keith’s schedule and pulled out her notes from last night’s conference call.

“‘Morning, Serena,” Keith greeted her as he came in. He unlocked his door. “How’s the day look?”

“Good morning,” she smiled, taking the paper from the printer. “Meetings as usual. Mark Hammond called to see if you were available at noon.”

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