Beck and Call(3)

By: Abby Gordon

Abby Gordon

she’d had more than enough reason to. This was more than just about her birthday. Which could only mean that Charlotte and some of his other girlfriends had hit hard and deep at his usually calm and impassive assistant. He felt like twelve different kinds of fools.

“In other words, she was a first-class actress and a bitch when I wasn’t around, right?” Grimacing, she slowly nodded.


“I thought I knew women,” he muttered. He couldn’t believe he’d been fooled like that. Serena had said ‘a couple others.’ Keith had a feeling she meant a lot more. Who else had fooled him so well?

He wouldn’t be able to trust a damn thing any of them said. “I thought I was a better judge of character.”

“You only knew her in a social setting.

Surrounded by people she wanted to impress.”

“I wonder how many others I’ve been wrong about.”

“You’re human, Keith. We’re all wrong about people.”

For a long moment, he just stood there, staring at her. Then her phone rang, and he turned and entered his office.


Entering her apartment, Serena leaned against the door and closed her eyes. Birthdays ending in a zero were a bitch and should be outlawed. She didn’t know what she’d thought would happen that day.

Sighing, she shook her head and stared at the small masterpiece highlighted by the timed spotlight.

Yeah, she did know. Deep down inside, she had dreamed that Keith would be overcome with emotion or…she didn’t know what.

With a groan of frustration she headed straight for her bedroom and changed. With all the pent-up 6

Beck And Call

emotions, she was going to need one helluva workout if she wanted any sleep tonight.

Climbing on her treadmill, she started at a walk. Her brain went over the conversation after she’d called Tom. She stopped walking. Grabbing the side rails, she jumped her feet off the track. Pushing pause, she frowned recalling his words and expressions. Had she imagined it? Keith was always strong and powerful, in absolute control, but her comments about Charlotte and his other girlfriends had caught him by surprise. In a rare moment, he let his guard down and allowed her to see his vulnerability. At the same time, she winced, he had probably been able to see her emotions just as much.

“Crap,” she muttered. “This is not good.” Stepping back on, she hit restart, but her mind was stubborn. After a few minutes, exasperated with herself, she increased the speed and incline.

“No thinking, Serena,” she whispered. “Just feel the muscles working. Put everything into the pace.” Thirty minutes later, she slowed to a walk. The shaken expression on Keith’s face, however brief, immediately reappeared in her mind’s eye. He’d been hurt and she hadn’t seen it. She’d been too caught up in venting pent-up emotions. Honesty forced her to face something. Keith must have seen through her and realized her feelings for him.

With a sigh, she wondered what that would mean to their working relationship. More than once, he’d said that work was no place for personal relationships. If he even suspected the depths of her feelings, he would find a reason to fire her. He might find an equal position for her somewhere, but he wouldn’t want her anywhere near him. That much was obvious from his comment about the company coming first. His snort at her comment about him being CEO and able to manage had told her more than any words.


Abby Gordon

Not wanting to consider it, she picked up the pace again. The thought of being transferred or fired spurred her to a run and after twenty minutes the sweat was dripping into her eyes. Stepping off, her head hung as she caught her breath. All Serena could see was Keith’s face. It would almost be better to find another job, away from the company, so she wouldn’t be tempted to blurt out her feelings.

Since running herself to death hadn’t erased his image from her mind, perhaps a session of yoga would calm her heart and clear her thoughts.

Flipping her mat out, Serena stepped to the edge and closed her eyes. Keith’s chiseled face appeared.

Blue eyes mocked her.

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