Beck and Call(4)

By: Abby Gordon

“Great,” she murmured, lowering her hands and raising them again. “You’d think I’d be beyond a teenage infatuation.”

Another deep breath and she knew one thing for certain. If she was going to get any sleep at all, MacLauren had to be suppressed.

“Downward-dogs, don’t fail me now,” she whispered.

Keith secured the Velcro around his wrists and walked across the room. With a deep breath, he started pounding the heavy bag in the corner.

Serena’s lunchtime revelations still stung his ego.

Not only had he known precious little about the woman sitting three steps from his office door, but he’d known next to nothing about women he had dated—and fucked—and that pissed him off. He was smart. He was a good judge of character. How the hell could he have been so wrong?

Moving to the speed bag, he unleashed a flurry of punches.

Okay, he would just lay off women for a while.

He would observe their actions and move very carefully from now on. If he needed sex, he would go to the club for a submissive. He’d known 8

Beck And Call

instinctively that socialites wouldn’t agree to be tied, blindfolded, and gagged when he fucked them, so he’d never even tried.

Sweat dripped as he paused, hands on his hips.

So what the hell was he going to do with Serena?

The sudden image of her bound to his bed, waiting for him, speared through his brain.

“Oh, yeah,” he muttered. “You dumbshit! Just what you need, a sexual harassment suit on top of all your other problems!”

Catching the end of a strap in his teeth, he pulled the gloves off and returned to the heavy bag.

Yet, as he went through a series of kicks, the picture would not leave his mind. It was ridiculous to even think about. Serena would never consider a dominant/submissive relationship.

“Dammit!” he growled. “I can’t fuck my assistant!”

But the image wouldn’t go away, leaving him tossing on the king-size bed. Somewhere during the night, a plan came to him. Legal pad in hand, by the time the sky grew light, Keith had things figured out. It would be tricky, risky, and require a helluva lot of luck. Based on what he did know of Serena, he was confident that he had a very good chance of not only solving his problems, but showing her a side of herself that she hadn’t even realized existed. Any personal relationship between them would require discretion, or eventually cost both of them.

But would it cost them? Or be better for both of them?

Keith didn’t believe in love between men and women, but he did believe that men and women could have relationships that were both intimate and respectful. It was possible Serena felt the same way. After all, she was thirty, not in a relationship, and seemed reserved around the men in the office.


Abby Gordon

Friendly, but she definitely made sure they knew when they crossed the line. Keith couldn’t remember anyone overstepping that line more than once.

Just what could happen? Adjusting his tie, he considered. After all, he was known for anticipating things in the boardroom. All right then, he thought, shrugging into his jacket, let’s review. First, he needed to get the books on or in her desk. If she accepted those, then he had the box ready to be delivered to her apartment. From there, it was a matter of bringing her to him. He could easily arrange that through the club. He had ordered a voice disrupter, the masks, and hoods which would arrive the following day. Getting her to trust him was an absolute necessity. After a minimum of a couple weeks, probably closer to a month, he would reveal his identity to her.

Worst case—Serena figured it was him and sued him and the company for sexual harassment. Mid-case—she rejected the entire scenario before they became intimate and never knew it was him. Best case—she became his sexual submissive.

And at work? He smiled. Well, that would certainly make working late more enjoyable.

Picking up his briefcase, he walked out of his apartment and to the elevator. It was still early, but he had things to take care of.


Beck And Call

Chapter Two

“I’ll see you at kickboxing,” Serena waved to Claire and Debbie before entering the CEO’s suite.

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