Beck and Call(5)

By: Abby Gordon

“Yeah,” she muttered to herself. “Just what I need.

The opportunity to look like a clumsy idiot.” Still smiling, she turned to her desk and froze. A plain, brown-paper-wrapped package sat in the middle of the blotter. From the doorway, she couldn’t see any address. Moving slowly, she picked it up. In large block letters, her name was written. Turning it over, she could see nothing else.

A late birthday present? Maybe someone had forgotten to bring it by and dropped it off while she’d been at lunch. Figuring that made sense, she pulled off the paper. It would have been a close contest as to which dropped faster—her jaw or the paper from her hands—as she stared at the cover.

Erotic Stories for Women. A woman, apparently naked, lay under an equally naked man. A man who was clearly fucking her; their hips were meshed together and he braced himself over her, even as his head bent toward hers for a kiss.

Swallowing, she glanced around furtively to see if anyone had come in while she’d gawked at the cover. She couldn’t imagine who on earth, especially in the company, would give her something like this.

Part of her wanted to call security, but another part was curious. What kind of stories?

Checking the schedule and seeing that Keith didn’t have a meeting for thirty minutes, she turned the book over and read the back. Her mind reeled.

The book contained short stories of couples—some in 11

Abby Gordon

relationships, some coming together just for sex.

Serena found the first tale. Reading the first three pages, she felt her breaths come quicker and shallower with her arousal. A husband came home from a business trip early and found his wife in the kitchen. Unwilling to wait another moment, he trapped her against the counter and took her from behind. Serena bit back a moan as her own pussy clenched. Stunned, she realized her panties were damp. Good lord! If that was the first story, she couldn’t wait to read the rest!

“Serena?” Keith’s voice called from his office.

Gasping, she quickly tucked the book in her purse and opened her bottom drawer, as he appeared at his open doorway. Her eyes went to the brown paper on her desk.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Um, a late birthday present,” she stammered, snatching the paper and shoving it in the drawer as well.

“Going to send it to the hospice as well?” he inquired.

“No,” she shook her head. “Not this one.” She giggled nervously, imagining how a book like that would be received. Keith nodded.

“Do you have the Sampson folder?” Using her foot to close the drawer, she rifled the folders on her desk.

“Right here,” she extended it. “Paul, Duncan and Mark should be here for the VP meeting in thirty minutes.”

Already scanning the first page, Keith nodded absently as he returned to his office. Through the door, he smiled. Bingo! She not only liked the book but, given her flustered reaction, might have actually been reading it. Relieved that the first step in his plan had worked, he forced himself to wait for the next step.


Beck And Call

In her apartment, safe from any eyes, Serena hung up her coat and pulled the book from her purse. Itching to read it, she knew she needed to exercise and eat dinner first. While she ate, she would read. That decided, she hurried to her bedroom to change. Two hours later and her muscles trembling, she curled up in an oversize rocking chair with a cup of tea and a salad.

Eagerly, she opened the book to the story she’d read earlier. Feeling her nipples tighten, she flushed. She’d never read stories like this, but her body definitely liked them.

Steve opened the door quietly and set his suitcase down. In the kitchen Sheila was singing along with the radio. Carefully, he bolted the door and slipped off his shoes. Moving silently, he went to the kitchen and paused at the door. Smiling, he saw she must have just come home from work—thick blonde hair neatly up off her neck, a thin sweater set, and a full skirt. Her stockings were off, but slippers kept her feet warm.

Watching her slender body sway with the beat, Steve felt his cock thicken and demand her heat.

Without hesitation, he strode across the linoleum.

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