Billionaire's Black Assistant

By: Ciara Cole

Chapter 1

Sheri had secretly always guessed that when things escalated between her and her boss, it would be explosive.

Not that she’d even actually seen it coming. But just there, under the surface, there’d been that glimmer of something.

She’d worked as his personal assistant for several months now. In that much time, she had learned everything about him – she set up his dates, booked his trips both leisure and business, handled his emails... In fact, she could say he trusted her more than of some of his nearest family and friends.

Sheri would never have imagined bonding so well with her boss. Her billionaire, hot, white boss. But over the last few months, they’d grown very close.

Close enough for her to know he didn’t do love. She’d watched all these other women fall for him, but never get very far. It didn’t take a genius to see that Dean Cooper was very much the playboy. He certainly had the looks, money, and charm to get away with it.

Sometimes it still seemed like a dream, working for one of the richest, hottest, and most influential CEOs in the city. Sheri could still remember the interview and seeing the other female applicants: white, thinner, and hotter. And yet, in the end, Sheri had been picked for the job. Well, granted she was more than qualified, presentable, and experienced. Still, it had been a rush to discover that D.C. Corp. – Dean Cooper Corporation – thought her the best fit for the role of assistant to the boss.

Of course, she’d never got to meet him until later, when she was finally picked and hired. And, she’d definitely never forget the first time she’d set eyes on the man running D.C. Corp. None of the Forbes covers and red carpet photos he’d featured in could have prepared Sheri for the real thing.

So just what did it take to be the assistant to one of the most sought after young billionaires alive? She had to learn his daily schedule by heart, what coffee he drank, his size in shoes, clothes, and underwear – eep – and basically just be at his beck and call at all times.

Sheri had never had a problem with hard work, and she loved being the best at whatever she set her mind to. Add in the fact she was both independent and single-minded, it was no wonder Dean had come to consider her much like his right arm.

Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined becoming anything more.

But then her suspicions started to take root after that one night a few weeks ago…

That evening, Sheri arrived at the classy restaurant where she was supposed to meet her best friend of a couple decades, Guy Herman. She was dressed extra special, in line with the fact that tonight was a celebration of sorts. She normally never bothered much with makeup or showing off her curves, but she’d pulled all the stops this time.

When she arrived, the looks she got from the other customers, as well as Guy, said she’d definitely made the right impression.

“You’re gorgeous, but you’re also late,” Guy muttered, right before he flashed a mega-watt grin. “I was worried I’d be stood up by my own best friend.”

Sheri merely rolled her eyes and sighed. Good thing she was immune to those wavy blond locks and deep hazel-green eyes. It had been that way since she was nine and he eight and she’d defended him from a bunch of bullies. Back then, Guy didn’t look like the sex god he was now. He’d been chubby and introverted, much of the outcast. And, he’d looked up to Sheri as not just a friend, but guardian. Now the roles were a little reversed – it was Guy always looking out for her and playing her protector.

“It’s not like we’re on a real date,” Sheri said with an amused tone. “And I’m not even that late – just by a few minutes. So, any girls hit on you in the brief time I kept you waiting?”

Guy gave a dramatic sigh of long-suffering. “Luckily, there was only one and she obviously thought she could keep me company in case my date didn’t turn up. I would have loved to oblige, but…she was a bit too long in the tooth, even for me.”

Sheri threw her head back and laughed. “What, you don’t do cougars, anymore? You never were so picky.”

“Yeah, well, I am when the lady’s old enough to be my great grandmother,” he gasped with a horrified shudder.

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