Brett's Little Headaches(4)

By: Jordan Silver

"Babe it's a hundred and ten out here and your nipples look like you just left a freezer. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. You want the goods, I'm giving you a way to get them, don't play dumb and fuck it up. Why do you women do that shit?"

"See, now I'm convinced that you're crazy, who talks to a complete stranger like that?"

"I'm not crazy sweetheart, I just call it like I see it." By now I had moved a little closer to her, all the while keeping an eye on the goings on on the ground, just in case my dog remembered what the fuck I bought him for and went on the attack.

"Oh yeah, and what do you see?" she had her hands on her hips, one leg tapping the floor and her lip curled. I could already taste the flavor of whatever she had on her lips that made them shine, probably strawberry.

I took my time looking her over, probably shouldn't have done that, now my cock was thumping in time to my heartbeats.

"I see a sexually frustrated young woman, who is hiding her obvious attraction for me behind false bravado." I was full of shit but she didn't need to know that.

My words had the desired affect and she puffed up like a rooster ready to blast me. Why the hell did I find that so adorable? She opened her mouth and I put my finger across her lips again, risking life and limb.

"Uh-uh-uh, kiddies on deck...hey Garret, Dmitri, how about some ice cream?" I kept my eyes on hers as I addressed the kids.

"Yeah ice queam." The shouts and yells were loud enough to wake the dead. Meanwhile momma was back to looking at me like she was gonna kill my ass.

"Now see what you've done you big ape."

"Not to worry ice cream's on me."

I'm not stupid; I know she was thinking of ways to shoot me down; probably a little over cautious after being burned by the asshole sperm donor.

If the way to a man's heart is his stomach, then the way to a woman's is her little darlings.

I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing, or worst yet, what had gotten into me, but something was going on here.

As a man accustomed to following my gut, I couldn’t just walk away. When I left my house this morning I was mad as fuck at the world, now things seem to be looking up.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on this side of the great divide, I’m usually the one being hunted; it might be fun doing the pursuing this time.

I'm about to play this game right and see how far it takes me. Maybe Gunther was good for something after all; he'd netted me a hot young cutie. Fucking dog.

Chapter FOUR


I watched as he herded my kids together, and his dog, and they just walked ahead of him like nothing, huh.

I didn’t stop to ask myself why I was letting this happen. I wasn’t really afraid, in fact I felt completely relaxed around him, which made no sense whatsoever because my first impression had been that he was crazy.

But I do have a thing about honesty, and if he wasn’t that, then he really was the craziest son of a bitch I’d ever met.

I’m not one to be swayed by good looks, though he did have those in spades. That’s not the reason I was following him out of the park like a lamb to the slaughter though, no.

There was something about him that made me feel, safe. I have no idea what that was about. It could be his height, the way he seems to block everything else out when he’s standing close.

It could be the way he looked at me just then when he was telling me about my ass. Like he would devour me if we were alone.

I don’t think anyone has ever looked at me with so much heat before, it made me feel just a little weak, which is probably not such a good thing. Once bitten twice shy, doesn’t seem to hold up too well under his brand of hotness.

When we reached the ice cream- parlor, which was just a little ways outside of the park, he tied his dog and bent at the knee and spoke, like he expected the animal to understand what he was saying. Then again, the way Gunther turned his head to the side and watched him, maybe he did.

He hadn't said one word to me while we were walking, other than to finally exchange names; no he was very slick, he talked to the boys the whole way here and they loved it.

That was another thing, the way my boys just fell in line for him, that’s a first. He’d gone from gruff and mean to friendly in the blink of an eye and my two little men were eating it up.

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