Brett's Little Headaches(6)

By: Jordan Silver

"I figured with a cone they'd spill more of it than they actually get into their mouths, this way they get the best of both worlds, they have their ice cream and their cone.”

“Eat up boys.” He gave the order and my little piglets went to town. I watched and listened as this guy, who now that I wasn't blinded by fury looked like something from a GQ magazine, cleaned my sons' faces and chatted with them.

What the hell? I was more than a little jealous too, so I decided to interject and countermand him. Of course he saw right through me.

"Don't be jealous little mama, it's good that they get to know me, since they're going to be seeing a lot of me from now on."

"What?" Was he serious? I think Mr. Hottie was stark, raving nuts. It’s a pity too, with that wild mane of dark hair and those piercing blue eyes, not to mention dimples; he could’ve been a real catch.

"It's short notice now, but in a couple weeks, after you've gotten to know me better, my mom would love to babysit while we go out. But for now I'm sure you have someone you call on when you need to be somewhere."

He looked at me expectantly and I felt that slight tremble in my limbs at the way those eyes of his seemed to be undressing me.

I swallowed the saliva that was starting to pool in my mouth and tried for a cool attitude once I did answer him, and not like a love sick teenager with a crush.

"Hah, somewhere like where? At the end of the day, after I've finished running around behind these two, I'm lucky if I can still put one foot in front of the other. And to answer your question, my dad's the only one I trust with them and he's working the late shift tonight, sorry."

"No problem, I'll bring dinner to you, what does the boys like to eat?" He helped Garret spoon some sprinkle- covered ice cream into his mouth before wiping off his chin.

Okay this guy is probably an axe murderer or something. What guy that looked like that, would go out of his way to be with a woman with not one but two kids? Still I found myself answering him.

"They like pizza."

"Okay boys, pizza for dinner okay with you?"

“Wait a min...”

Their loud chorus of 'pisa pisa' was answer enough I guess, but now I was left with doubts, something just wasn't adding up here.

"You know, most guys would run hard in the opposite direction from a young mother with kids, why are you trying so hard?"

He studied me for a good minute, in which time I begun to squirm in my seat. The guy really knows how to do it with a look, but why bother? He gave me this sly grin like he knew exactly what I was thinking, before leaning over to whisper in my ear.

"Have you seen your ass Laurie? It's a thing of beauty, I can't wait to get my hands along with other things on it." He sat back with a smirk, not even caring that my panties were now destroyed.

I'll need to have a talk with my ovaries later; I think they were doing handsprings or something.

Meanwhile he just sat back like he hadn’t just sent me into a tailspin. It had been a long time since I’d given any thought to the horizontal mambo, four years to be exact, but I sure was giving it a lot of thought this morning.

I watched him covertly as he interacted with the boys. As a mom I can spot a fake a mile away.

It takes a lot to put up with somebody else’s kids, especially when they were as rambunctious as my boys, but he held his own.

It didn’t seem to faze him when they got ice cream all over themselves and the table, though I cringed as I waited for the complaining to start.

But he never uttered a word, just kept right on talking to them as if he understood every word, while we took turns wiping their little faces after each mishap.

By the time we were done, and the boys were cleaned up again, I was halfway to hopeful.

I kept holding my breath waiting for the letdown, but none came and my boys seemed to be completely taken in.

Was I making a mistake here, letting them get that close to him? He was a complete stranger after all. Maybe it was a bit late to be putting on the brakes, but shouldn’t I do something? I was so lost.

Now I know what the other single mothers I met with at Gymboree were talking about. It really is hard to know what’s the right thing to do in a situation like this.

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