Brett's Little Headaches(7)

By: Jordan Silver

If it were just me I probably wouldn’t think twice, but was it really safe to get my boys involved?

He didn’t give me much of a choice when it was time to leave for home. Once again he took the reigns and led the way.

I have to admit it felt really good letting someone else take the lead for a change. It had been quite sometime since that had been the case.

He did it so casually too, like he dealt with kids everyday. “Oh shit, you’re not married are you?” I’m such an idiot; of course that’s it.

“That excuse isn’t gonna work for you babe, I’m free and single...for the time being.” He actually looked around me at my ass while holding both boys by the hand.

Oh man, I wonder if they make panties out of some kind of waterproof material. And where does he get off dong this to me with just a look?

He knew it too the infuriating man, because my nipples were sticking out again and his eyes were right there.

His boyish grin didn’t fool me for one second, and I had the fleeting thought that maybe I should look into some kind of birth control.

Just to be safe mind you, I had no plans on jumping into bed with him no matter how weak in the knees he makes me.

“Stop worrying that pretty little head of yours, I can see the wheels turning. We’re just going to take things nice and slow until you get your bearings, and then we’ll do things my way.”

“That’s what I’m worried about.” If he moved this fast with everything, who knows how long before we ended up in bed together. Somehow I don’t think I could hold him off for much longer than he was willing to give me.

My boys are known for getting me into situations, it looks like this time they’d really landed mommy in a pickle.

Chapter FIVE


I walked them home afterwards for two reasons, one, I needed to know where she lived, and quite frankly I didn't trust her to tell me the truth, and two, she needed help with the two pre convicts. They sure were a handful.

They fought each other for my shoulders as I took turns carrying them and I knew that I had won them over at least, now I just had to work on mom.

She kept giving me looks when she thought I wasn't paying attention, but unbeknownst to her, I was becoming very aware of her every move.

There was something in her that pulled at me, I haven’t figured it out yet, but I promised myself that I would get to the bottom of it before long.

I knew as a thinking man that if I get involved with a woman with kids it was going to be about more than the bedroom.

Which means in all good conscience I can’t take this thing any farther unless I was really interested in more than a quick fuck.

I can’t say that I had a handle on exactly what was going on, but I know it felt different from every other experience I’d had in the past.

I wasn’t already planning my escape route in my head, which is something I’ve been doing when it comes to the opposite sex, since I was old enough to date.

I always went into a relationship expecting it to end, don’t ask me where I got that fucked up mentality, my parents have been married for fucking ever and so are my grandparents.

But I’ve always had a very cynical view of matrimony. Now I find myself contemplating things that no rational man in his right mind would be, after only just meeting someone and still not knowing the first thing about them.

The boys kept me too busy to think too deeply with their antics though, and I wondered how the hell someone as tiny as she was could keep up with them.

I don’t know why, but I look at the three of them and my heart does funny things in my chest. It’s not just her then, it’s the whole fucking package and instead of running hard in the other direction like she’d said earlier, I find myself wanting to immerse myself in them.

I told the boys a story as we walked to avoid any more of their theatrics.

“We’re here.” Her voice, which was suddenly sounding unsure and shy, broke into my story of pirates on the high seas, which they had been enjoying.

I didn't like their neighborhood, the houses were too close and they were all a little worn. But I knew if I said anything, my little prickly pear would have my ass.

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