Brett's Little Headaches(8)

By: Jordan Silver

I had to smile at that, after being accustomed to everyone bending over backwards to kiss my ass, it was surprisingly refreshing to meet someone who gave it to me straight.

Thinking of that shit just brought my drama back to the forefront, but somehow it no longer had the same affect.

It felt as though meeting her and the boys had helped to smooth out the rough edges, which was too strange for words, considering our meeting.

"So I'll be back at about six with pizza, that about right, or do the boys eat earlier?" She looked a little embarrassed by the question.

"Um, they usually eat around five thirty but you don't have to..."

"Uh-uh-uh, none of that. Five-thirty it is, Laurie relax. I have a mom who's a mama bear, I know how moms are about their kids, so I know if I want you, you come with kids.

It's not a problem for me, I'm not a total dick." I made sure four little ears were occupied and hadn't heard me.

While the boys were busy turning my attack dog into a bitch, I pulled her into me and laid one on her.

Shit, I miscalculated there, she was sweet and soft, and her ass felt amazing when my hands passed over it slightly.

The taste of her went right to my head and places south, and if I hadn't known I was in serious trouble before, I knew it now.

She kissed me like she was starved for it, and the way she clung to me did strange things to my heart. I actually felt that shit shift in my chest. Scared the fuck out of me.

I pulled back and studied her, trying to see what it was about her. She still had her eyes closed with a look of pure pleasure on her face, and then she bit into her lip and sighed and my cock jumped.

Fuck, I'm so gone. What the fuck? All I did was go for a run. This woman needed to come with a warning sign. How the fuck could life just throw you a curve ball without any warning like that?

From sitting on a park bench minding my own business, to falling for a mouthy little sexpot with obvious baggage.

Anyone who knew me knew I wasn't the baggage type. Usually I'd be headed hard in the opposite direction, with her I was more than ready to jump right in with both feet.

I knew my personality wouldn’t let me back down from this. I’m going to have to see this through to whatever conclusion was in the cards for us.

As I looked at the boys who were looking back and forth between their mom and me like ‘what the fuck dude’, I couldn’t help wondering if I was looking at my family.

When she finally opened her eyes and looked at me, I smiled weakly at her, what else could I do? She'd just fucked up my well-organized life and I hadn't even fucked her yet.

"Okay boys go with mom." I snapped my fingers and my worthless ass dog came to my side as she headed up the broken steps with the boys.

First thing I have to do is get them the fuck outta there, fast moving yeah, but what the fuck, life's too short to play around, and waiting for something I wanted has never been my strong suit anyway.

I watched until they were safely inside, after she'd made the boys thank me for the one-hundredth time. Halfway down the block I called Candice Cantone.

"Mom, I just met your future daughter in law." Yeah I said those words, on a Saturday morning while walking down a street littered with little shops, and little white haired old women pushing their little pushcarts up and down the sidewalk, on their way to and from the market.

She screamed so loud I had to take the phone away from my ear with a grin. Of course she wanted to know everything, so I filled her in.

Not surprisingly, she wanted to know how soon she could get her hands on the boys, but I cautioned her to let me work my magic first. The woman is a baby hog.

She didn’t question my certainty either, if there’s anyone who knows me in this world it’s my mom.

She’d been having a hard time dealing with the drama that had been unfolding in my life here lately, that’s why I didn’t want to wait to share my good news with her. We could both do with some positive news right about now.

I was a mess for the next few hours before it was time to go back to them. I kept replaying everything about the morning over and over in my head. I don't remember ever being that hung up on a woman before.

Shit, I didn't even know her last name, didn't know who she was, where she came from. None of that seemed to matter though, because my dick was already in a twist.

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