Brett's Little Headaches(9)

By: Jordan Silver

Looks like my two dogs were running the show. I needed to learn more about the sperm donor though, make sure he was out of the picture.

I'm not into sharing, and I damn sure wasn't about to have some other dick sniffing around her once I claimed her.

I hope like hell the coast was clear, she didn't strike me as the type to accept my dinner offer if she was involved though; and the way she'd kissed me said she was starved. If her pussy was as sweet as her mouth my cock was going to be very happy with me.

At about five I called my favorite pizza place and gave them her address, before heading out to her place. I decided to take the hummer. Maybe before bedtime we could take the boys for a ride, and I figured they'd get a kick out of it.

I actually rushed over there like a teenager on his first date. I stopped and got her some flowers. I had no idea what her favorites were, so I got them to make me up a bunch with some of everything, which made the thieving ass florist very happy.

“Damn, shoulda got her some chocolate and maybe some dessert for the boys.” It was too late now though, and I was sure there were no luxury chocolatiers in this neighborhood. I have to work on getting her out of here, but I’m gonna need more info before I make that move.

Some women take that independent shit too far and fuck shit up for no good reason. I’m hoping she’s not one of those, because I would hate for us to butt heads over something this important so early in our relationship.

She answered the door looking all flustered and cute. Her hair was all over the place, but she'd obviously changed and was now wearing low-rise jeans and a cute camisole top, which my boy seemed to appreciate.

But something told me she could be wearing a gunnysack and he would still stand up and take notice.

"Come on in if you dare it's a madhouse in here." I satisfied myself with a quick kiss on her lips, which seemed to fluster her as much as the lip lock earlier had.

I walked past her into the tiny apartment and saw the boys on the living room floor with a mountain of toys. They squealed when they saw me and ran over babbling at me a mile a minute.

"What's up boys you being good for mommy?" I got down on the floor with them and prepared to be entertaining. Mom had given me some pointers on how to behave. As she’d put it ‘if you’re going to be a dad you have to start with the boys now’.

"Uh huh." They lied their asses off as they showed me their toys, sometimes holding my face to keep my attention.

She sat in a chair across from us, watching as I sat on the floor and played with building blocks. The truth is, it wasn't so bad; I would've tried for her sake, but I actually liked the little tykes.

I felt relaxed and carefree, nothing at all like I expected, maybe this daddy thing wasn’t so hard after all. Who the fuck had I turned into in that park anyway?

I was never interested in kids before, not mine or anyone else’s. At twenty-eight I figured I had a long ways to go before I started down that road.

Now here I am seriously contemplating giving this woman and her sons my name and I hadn’t even known them twenty-four hours.

"I ordered the pizza so it should be here any minute." At the word pizza the boys went crazy and started shouting their version of the word and the blocks were soon forgotten, as Laurie got up to set the table.

"Come on boys let's go help mom."

I had her show me where everything was, and me and my new pals set the table, while she watched with an indulgent smile on her face.

"I should keep you around more often, you seem to get them to behave in ways I can't."

"That's the idea." I stole a quick kiss in passing which made her blush prettily, but I didn't make a big deal out of it, just kept going.

I planned on conditioning her to my touch. I know she was still a little skittish yet, but she had every right to be, I would’ve been disappointed if she wasn’t. But it was my job to put her at ease.

Hopefully I can be patient long enough to let her get her bearings, but it might be close. I haven’t ever had a female tie me up in such knots before, so we were both treading on virgin territory.

The pizza arrived and I helped her cut tiny pieces for the boys and get them set up in their booster seats. Again she watched me like a hawk as the boys proceeded to make a mess.

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