Claiming Their Mate(2)

By: Vella Day

“You can’t hide from me, chica.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks. A hiccup emanated from her throat. She ducked her head and prayed he hadn’t heard her.

The blood pounding behind her eyes prevented her from figuring out his location. His feet passed within inches from her hiding place, and she swallowed a sob. Now there was no way she could call 9-1-1. Just speaking to the operator would give away her position.

His footstep returned close to her hiding spot, and her heart slammed against her chest. Cars drove by. Why didn’t anyone stop to question this creep? Damned “For Sale” sign.

She peeked through the bushes to find him, but leaves and stems blocked her vision. Only flashes of color appeared every once in a while, as if he was taunting her, waiting for her to come out on her own. She clasped her hand over her wound to prevent the blood from getting everywhere and leaving a trail for him to follow.

Oh, shit. Her vision darkened for a moment as if her mind was trying to protect her.

Except for an occasional car passing down the street and a bird chirping, only her own pounding heart sounded. She wanted to run, but her body refused to move.

Don’t do anything stupid.The urge to jump up, wave, and scream for help almost won out, but if she failed to attract someone’s attention, he’d kill her.

For the moment, no footsteps sounded and no leaves crunched. Dare she hope he’d given up and driven away? She couldn’t be that lucky.

How long should she wait before she tried to get help? Her arm hurt like a bitch, and with each passing minute, she grew weaker. Her legs cramped something fierce from squatting so long. Her brain fogged, and for a moment, she almost believed he’d left.

She lifted her head above the bush for a quick look, and a twig cracked nearby. Damn. She ducked.

Footsteps sounded. “Game’s over, chica. I’m gonna git you. I can smell you.” She swore he growled after he chuckled.

A flash of blue appeared between the branches. Oh God.

An unusually hairy hand snaked into the bush, and when he latched on to her wounded arm, she yelped.

“I got you now, little lady.”

He pulled her through the brambles, slicing her face and limbs. Once she was free from the bush, he glared at her. His gun wasn’t in his hand, but she knew he must still have it. If she lived through this ordeal, she wanted to remember everything about him. Too bad all she could see was a watery gray eye that seemed unfocused.

Now that she’d gotten a good look at him, he’d know she could identify him. “I promise I won’t tell anyone. Just leave me alone.” Her voice wobbled, and she was never more disgusted with herself than at that moment. However, if she acted tough, it might make things worse.

He grinned, showing yellowed pointed teeth.

“You’re right about not telling anyone.” His spittle sprayed when he spoke too close to her face. Vomit rolled up into her mouth. She wanted to wipe off his vile effluent but he was holding her arms too tightly. “When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to say a word.”

The putrid stench from his breath forced her to turn her head. He jerked her injured arm, and her eyes rolled upward for a second. She opened her mouth to scream, but only a squeak came out. He shoved her three feet to the left, past the hedge, and slammed her back against the wall. Pain stabbed her spine, and her legs wobbled.

She held up her hands. “I have money. I’ll give you my credit cards. Take everything. Just don’t hurt me.”

“You are a piece of work, puta.”

His mouth descended on hers. She pressed her lips tight to prevent his tongue from darting in, but his brute force bruised her mouth. Unable even to turn her face, she lifted her knee to strike him in the balls. He anticipated her reaction and blocked her thrust.

“You can’t win, bitch.” He leaned back a few inches and tore at her blouse with nails that more closely resembled animal claws than human fingers. The buttons popped and the material ripped open.

Oh, no. He’s going to rape then kill me. The repulsion of what was to come stole her breath. Tears leaked out. I don’t want to die.

He lifted her chin, exposing her neck. “I’m so going to enjoy this. Scream and I’ll rip out your throat, too.”

Too? Jeffrey’s bloody image surfaced once more, and all she could do was nod. The murderer dragged her bra up over her breasts and the chilly air pebbled her nipples. He grabbed hold of her breast and squeezed. Pain tripped past her ribs.

Do something.

She couldn’t stand there like an accepting lamb while he stuck his cock in her. Thoughts of getting DNA under her fingernails seemed her only option. She glanced to the street and hoped someone would happen by, but the partial fence blocked her view.

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