Claiming Their Mate(53)

By: Vella Day

Kurt returned about two minutes later. The cell phone was still in his hand, and his brows were raised. He was shaking his head slightly.

He tapped the wall. “Can I get everyone’s attention?”

That quieted the crowd in a hurry. “The general just called.” He lifted his phone as if to prove his claim. “I have to say I am at a loss for words. I was just informed that Harvey Couch was killed a few hours ago, and Mendez is in solitary confinement. He’ll have a guard watching him twenty-four seven for the rest of his life.”

Liz’s mouth opened, then turned into a smile. Both of her men raced over, lifted her up, and hugged her.

Chelsea couldn’t be happier, either, not only for her best friend, but also for Kurt and what that would mean to him. She expected him to cheer and down his drink, but he stood there as if in a daze. She left the happy trio and rushed over to him. Drake headed over, too.

Kurt turned to her, and she ran a hand down his arm.

“I can’t believe it’s over. Jeffrey can rest in peace,” Kurt said.

Chelsea didn’t understand the frown lines. “You don’t seem all that excited.”

“I am. It’s taking me a minute to process.” He pulled her near. “I’m glad for Jeffrey’s sake, but Mendez was a small fish. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has already been appointed to replace him.”

“At least it won’t be Couch. That bastard is dead.”

He lifted her chin and pressed his lips together. “True, and that may be wonderful for Liz, but Harvey Couch was just one of the influential men who controlled things.”

Her shoulders slumped. “Well, that sucks.”

“Hey, if all of the evil disappeared, what would Drake and I do for a living?” He tapped her nose.

“You’d find something noble to occupy your time.”

Drake placed a hand on her back. “For now, let’s celebrate. It’ll take time for everyone to regroup.”

“Apparently not,” Kurt said. “I just spoke with Clay and Dirk. They have a new assignment.”

She wasn’t sure if she should be privy to the inner workings of the Pack, but the men didn’t seem to worry about her overhearing.

Kurt looked down at her. “It involves Elena Sanchez.”

“Isn’t that Couch’s former secretary—the one Liz gave money to?”

“Yes. They found her.”

“Liz will be so relieved. Where is she?”

“According to our sources, she’s in a warehouse, about to be sold to the highest bidder.”

Chelsea’s knees weakened, and she wondered if the horror would ever end.

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