Claiming Their Mate(7)

By: Vella Day

One glance at Kurt’s serious face told her it might be wise to keep her opinion to herself until the doctor finished his repair. The voice in her head reminded her that the man who shot her was still at large.

The procedure only took fifteen minutes. The doctor placed a small patch on her arm, then thoroughly examined the other cuts and bruises. When he finished, he handed her a short-sleeved green top. “Here you go. Next time, don’t tangle with the Colters.” He smiled. “I’ll have Melanie X-ray you.”

Liz had told her not only about the bad shifters being called Colters, but about the shifters’ ability to communicate telepathically. Either Kurt or Drake had probably told the doctor how much she knew.

Melanie came in with a wheelchair. “Special delivery.”

She had no choice but to comply. Melanie took pictures of both wrists and several shots of her face. “I’ll process these and get them to the doctor. Wait here.”

Alone in the darkened room, the terror returned. She closed her eyes and willed the images away. Mendez had been incredibly strong. Now she knew why. He was a werewolf, too. She touched her wrist and winced. Bruises had popped up on both arms, and touching her face hurt.

The door opened a few minutes later. “You’re good, Ms. Wilson. Nothing is broken.”

Nothing but her belief in the good of man. “Thanks.”

Melanie wheeled her to the reception area where Drake and Kurt waited. They helped her stand on unsteady legs, but all in all, her stomach hurt less and the throbbing in her cheek had waned.

After they stepped outside, Drake took her good arm and escorted her to his car parked behind her Camry. A shot of pure joy filled her at seeing something familiar.

“How did my car get here? I mean, how did you...? My keys were in my purse.” She frowned. When Mendez had dragged her from the brushes, she’d dropped her bag.

Drake placed a hand on her back and heat raced up her spine. “Kurt found your purse near where I found you.”

“I put it in the back of Drake’s car,” Kurt added.

She’d have been lost without it. “Thank you.”

At least she could go home now and not have to depend on anyone. Even though these men might be heroes, and hot ones at that, she didn’t know them well enough to allow them to escort her home.

She held out her palm to Kurt. “I’m truly sorry about your brother. I appreciate everything you have done, but I can see myself home.” She stepped toward Drake’s car to get her purse when Kurt stopped her.

“Sorry, that’s not an option. You need to come with us.”

Her dad used to tease her, saying he should have had a son because girls were too damn stubborn. He was right. She planted her good hand on her hip and faced them. “As much as I appreciate the offer, that is so not going to happen.”

The killer is on the loose. She shook her head to push the thought from her mind.

“You can’t drive with a possible concussion and a wounded arm.”

“I’ll be fine.”

Drake turned her to face him and smiled. “Oh, baby. You really don’t know who you’re dealing with, do you?”

Chapter Two

Drake’s nickname was usually Mr. Cool. If anyone had seen him today, he would have lost that title in a hurry. He’d been standing next to Kurt when he received the call. The sound of the gunshot had reverberated through the phone and nearly stopped his heart. He’d almost shifted on the spot. It had been Kurt who’d kept it together.

Chelsea groaned and he forced his mind back to the present. What the fuck was wrong with them? Standing on the sidewalk in front of the doctor’s office where anyone could take another shot at her wasn’t smart. Forcing her to do anything wasn’t his style, especially since she’d been through so much, but right now they had to take control. While Mendez might not have known Chelsea’s name when she saw him, rest assured he would learn her identity soon enough.

The killer wasn’t a rocket scientist, but the sign on the front lawn had the name of the realty firm on it, and it wouldn’t be hard to find out who she was.

Drake bet not many women working for that company would fit her description. Damn the woman and her killer long legs. She had luscious breasts, lips he could spend hours kissing, and long auburn hair. Nope, she was one-of-a-kind, but right now she was also a sitting duck.

Her hand slipped off her hip. He waited another few seconds until he calmed, fearing he’d do something he’d regret. He exhaled. Boy, their timing sucked. The moment he’d spotted her at Liz’s Christmas party, he knew she was their mate. She was gorgeous, had a sharp wit, and seemed to love life, but his body told him this was the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. The saving grace was that after the party, Kurt had expressed the same sentiment. Now Drake feared their pursuit of her would have to be put on hold until they took care of Mendez.

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