Claiming Their Mate(8)

By: Vella Day

The moment Chelsea balked at going with them, Kurt had moved to the end of the walkway, lost in his own thoughts. Drake totally understood.

Once Kurt had located Jeffrey’s GPS phone signal, they’d rushed to the car, and while Drake drove them to the house, Kurt kept redialing. When Jeffrey didn’t answer, his friend had turned inward, refusing to discuss what might have happened. His only words had been to urge Drake to drive faster.

As they neared, only one werewolf life sign registered. Hope sprung inside him until they found Jeffrey dead. Seconds later, he heard Chelsea’s scream and sensed the wolf was outside the house. Drake ran toward the sound.

Even though the fucker dashed off before he reached him, Drake immediately recognized him. He would have known the funky-eyed Ricardo Mendez anywhere despite his connection to Harvey Couch and his drug smuggling operation.

They both got off one shot each. Mendez missed, but he hadn’t. Drake hoped the stinking Colter suffered a whole lot of pain before he found help.

He refocused. Kurt remained glued to the spot. Hey, Kurt. Why don’t you go back to our place, gather some of our things, and bring them over to Chelsea’s?

His friend glanced between the two of them. She can’t stay at her house. It isn’t safe.

He must not have been listening to her argue. I agree, but we aren’t going to kidnap her like Trax did with Liz. Just pack some stuff and let me handle her.

The fact Kurt put up little resistance was a sure sign he was staggered by his brother’s death. He shrugged and walked over to them. “Chelsea, where do you live?”

The tension in her shoulders seemed to ease, as if she’d won a war. She rattled off her address. Kurt nodded then walked away and hopped in her car. The engine started and he took off.

Chelsea looked over at him. “Where’s he going with my car?”

“Back to our place.”

“Then why did he want to know where I live?”

Nothing seemed to get by her. “Kurt has to take care of something, and then he’ll bring your car back to your house. Once you’re settled, we’ll be on our way.” Although he disliked lying, it was necessary to get her to cooperate.

“I guess you’ll have to drive me home.”


She rubbed her face. He admired the way she didn’t complain, because she had to hurt like hell.


He didn’t like her hesitation, but he understood her concern. Since she appeared a little shaky on those high heels, he placed a hand on her back to guide her into the car. The touch set off his internal alarm. Being this close to her made his body go crazy. He’d been warned the first time a werewolf got near his future mate, he had to fight not to shift. He just needed to keep it together for another few minutes until he wasn’t in the public eye.

Chelsea was quiet on the way to her house and only spoke to give him directions. When they neared her street, she twisted in her seat. “Do you believe Mendez will come after me?” Her voice held more strain than when he’d first reached her. His gut soured.

If he could rub away the hurt, he would. Should he tell her the truth or try to sugarcoat it? He sucked at taking care of someone.

“From what you told me, Mendez basically admitted to ripping out Jeffrey’s throat. He doesn’t need a witness.”

Her breath hitched. “I guess that’s a yes, then. Do I need to go into some kind of witness protection program or anything?” When her breath caught at the end, it was like a knife slicing him.

“That’s only for certain crimes.” He didn’t want to mislead her. “Trax and a few others picked up Jeffrey’s body and cleaned up the mess. The authorities won’t be notified because they won’t know there’s been a crime.” He slowed as he entered her street. “It’s for the best.”

“You can’t cover up a crime.” Her voice squeaked. “That’s not legal. I’m going to call them.”

He inhaled. She was a stubborn one. “You need a few more facts before you do that.”

“I don’t need the cops accusing me of committing a crime.” She huffed and pointed to a one-story, yellow, craftsman-style home with a porch. “That’s my place.”

He pulled the car in front, cut the engine, and rushed over to her side. When he opened her door, he held out his hand to help her up, but she didn’t take it. Oh, boy. This was going to be a long night.

She faced him. “I owe you more than I could ever repay, so thank you, but I really need some downtime.”

“I get it. I’ll walk you to the door.” Then he needed to make sure she understood why calling the cops wasn’t a good idea.

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