Daddy's Naughty Daughter

By: Elizabeth Thorn


There she was, his Princess, with her legs spread wide. Her eyes big as she eagerly looked up at him, waiting to feel him inside her. He shouldn’t be doing this, he thought as he rubbed his gland over her swollen private lips. It was wrong in so many ways.

“Come on, Daddy! Please hurry, I want to feel you inside!”

She’d worked him up to this over a good week of seduction, every attempt on his part to put a stop to it failing, and he had finally caved in. It all started on the night she had turned eighteen. She’d come to his home-office as the guests were partying, asking him what kept him from the celebrations. He’d told there was just some work he needed to finish, and there was. Having his own business, putting in forty hour weeks simply didn’t cut it, not if he wanted to be successful. The only good thing was that most of his work was from home. Otherwise, he knew, he’d rarely see his step-daughter.

Chapter 1

“You work so hard, Daddy,” she said. And before he knew it, she’d moved over and forced her way onto his lap, sitting sideways. It had been a long time since she had done that. Years. Many years, in fact. A bit taken aback by the gesture, but not seeing anything behind it, he laughed sheepishly.

“It’s a labor of love, Princess. So is taking care of you.” Why had he said that? he later thought. It wasn’t done with any ulterior motive, and it was true. Still, later he wondered if those words had set things in motion.

“Wish I could take care of you too, Daddy.” And with those words she gave him a tight hug and pressed her hips down hard.

Being widowed for two years now, too engrossed with his work and taking care of his step-daughter, there had been no room in his hectic schedule to participate in the dating game. Nor had he wanted to; the painful loss of his wife was still fresh in his memory. And when he felt the warmth of her body press against his, his neglected sexual energy made an unwelcome entrance after years of languishing by the wayside; a quickly growing erection made him want to get her off his lap fast.

“You’re right, this is no time for working. Let’s go see the guests!”

“Not yet, Daddy. I like it here, just the two of us. Nice and quiet,” she said, and remained seated on his cock, which was now fully hard. Impossible for her not to notice, he thought as he tried not to panic. Watching her profile, not knowing how to break the silence, it felt as if he noticed her beauty for the first time as they sat there in the dimply lit office, the only light coming from his desk lamp. Curly brown hair fell to her shoulders and she had the classical features of a woman of great beauty; that’s what she was now. She was no longer a little girl and her childhood had gone so fast he didn’t even have time to notice. Or maybe he just didn’t want to notice? Didn’t want to acknowledge that the little girl that once rode on his back was now a fully grown woman who oozed sensuality with every move that she made. Technically, he was her step-dad, but he’d hated to be reminded of that. To him, she was his daughter and he her father, nothing more need be said about it. He knew she felt the same way.

Wriggling her round ass on his lap, making his hard cock stir, she whispered in his ear that she’d love to take care of him. Perplexed by what she seemed to be insinuating, almost panicking at the very thought, he played stupid.

“But you already take great care of me, Princess.”

That’s what they’d called her the moment she had come into their life, their princess. After failed attempts at getting a child of their own adoption had seemed the only solution, and he and his wife had grabbed at it with both hands. Life had suddenly acquired a whole new meaning and quality when they were made her parents. Especially for his wife, for whom the failure to get pregnant had been a hard blow, she had been a blessing, and it didn’t take long before they were a happy family of three. But their perfect family life had ground to an abruptly halt two years ago when his wife died in a traffic accident. Ever since, not knowing how to deal with his grief, he’d buried himself in his work. Working from morning till late at night had been his anesthesia. And now there he sat with his daughter on his lap, feeling guilty over the way he’d neglected her and taking her good care for granted. She had basically taken over all the household chores her mom used to do, and remained a top student at the same time. How many teenage girls would put up with that? he thought proudly.

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