Executive Perks(2)

By: Angela Claire

“I’m quite aware of that, Miss Beckett. Your business is very well run, especially since you took over from your father. That’s what attracted me to it in the first place.”

“You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t find it a compliment to be taken over.”

She knew she was being surly, but she didn’t care.

He leaned casually against the vending machine. “How do you know I’m proposing taking you over?”

“An educated guess.”

He seemed to be studying her and when his black lashes flicked down, she got the most bizarre sensation. It was somewhere between outrage that he might be checking her out and a visceral excitement at it. Jesus, she was getting pathetic. She really had to break down and go out on a date once and a while. Once this was all over, of course.

“Well, I’m not going to be coy with you, Miss Beckett. I don’t operate that way.”

“No, nothing coy about you. Just the old sledgehammer.”

“Look, can we chill out?”

She warmed to the slightly annoyed tone. Those intense blue eyes were focused squarely on her face now. Good, she’d gotten his attention.

“I’m not interested in chilling out, Mr. Winston. I’m interested in making you go away.”

“Why are you so anxious to get rid of me?” he asked softly.

He was edging closer to her—how tall was he, anyway?—and she unknowingly moved backward toward the soda machine. “Look, Mr. Winston, getting your hands on that stock was an anomaly. It should not have happened, but nothing like that will happen again. I can promise you that. You’ll have paid a great deal of money for something that will never be anything more than a powerless minority voice in a family owned company. So why don’t you just name your price and get the hell out of my company.”

Clutching her can of cola as if it might prove to be some kind of weapon, Virginia Beckett looked royally pissed off. It didn’t exactly surprise him. Most of his targets were at first. So he knew that he should stay away from her for now and let her cool off. No good could come out of any one-on-ones between them at this point. But when he’d recognized her in the cafeteria, it had seemed like fate and he hadn’t been able to resist approaching her. For one thing, he was surprised by how sexy she was in person, with dark blonde hair and big gray-blue eyes, not to mention a killer body. Full, high tits with mile-long legs. They didn’t capture that kind of detail on the cover of Fortune. It made him half regret they weren’t meeting under friendlier circumstances.

Unfortunately, he’d already dropped a hefty amount into her company and wasn’t willing to kiss off the investment just yet. He knew what he should do was present her with the solution he had come up with, or march back to the conference room and present it to her and her lawyer. But he couldn’t resist teasing her first. Something about the uptight corporate exec vibe she was giving off made him want to for some reason.

“Any price?”

Virginia visibly relaxed, smiling smugly, and stood her ground, no longer inching away from him. “Greenmail is a dirty word these days,” she said, referring to the practice of certain corporate raiders of threatening to take over a company to extract a bribe from management to go away. “Just be careful not to get too greedy.”

Aaron flashed a gaze down her body, the gray silk snug against her tiny waist and the high curve of her breasts hidden by the demure neckline.

How about fucking you? Is that too greedy?

For one terrified second, he was afraid he had uttered the crude, completely inappropriate words out loud. He froze.

Since he was still standing and hadn’t been belted one, he assumed he hadn’t.

Instead he said, “You seem pretty fond of BFD and I’m going to assume it’s not for the same reason most CEOs cling to their jobs, namely for the fat pay packages and petty little fiefdoms.”

“For the sake of the civility of our negotiations, I’m going to pretend that you didn’t say that,” she murmured icily.

For half a second, he was tempted to say, “Good, then you can pretend that I didn’t do this either.”

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