Executive Perks(97)

By: Angela Claire

“Remember when I said I didn’t know what Captain Seabridge’s distraught lover looked like.”


“Yeah, Arabella. Well, I didn’t. But I do now.”

He held the case open in the palm of his hand to show her. It contained a miniature portrait of a woman from the neck up.

A blonde woman with extremely familiar features.

“Jeez, I know they say everyone has a twin, but this is getting ridiculous.”

He laughed. “Yeah, I thought so too. She looks a little like you, doesn’t she?”

“How do you know this was Arabella?”

He showed her the inside of the portrait case.

“To J. S. with love from your Arabella,” she read aloud.

“I don’t know if it was Arabella or Samantha, but I would say one way or the other, this house has a ghost.”

She shivered. “A ghost who was watching over us that night.”

“You don’t want to get out of here, then? Go back to New York?”

“Not a chance. I think we should let poor Arabella see how a real love story ends.”

And then she kissed him. And they did.

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