Falling for the Guy Next Door(4)

By: Claire Robyns

Who is this?

A few seconds later a new message popped up. Very funny.

You have the wrong number. She placed her phone on the table and settled back in her chair. There, that would wipe the smirk from his attitude.

She’d almost finished her Latte when her phone buzzed again.

When did you remove my number from your phone? This is Jack.

Never removed it. Didn’t store it. What do you want?

I was worried.

Her teeth bared. He had no right to be worried. No right to anything. I don’t intend to report my movements to you. I’ll be back when I’m back.

Tell me where you are.

The threat was implied. She could imagine his eyes darkening, his jaw locking down into a grimace. Or what?

I’ll report you as a missing person at the police station.

I’m an adult and twenty-four hours haven’t even passed. They’ll laugh at you.

Harry and I have become good buddies.

When? Jack hadn’t spent enough time in Corkscrew Bay to know where the police station was, let alone make buddies with the officer-in-charge. Still, she didn’t want to have phone Harry and explain why Jack was making a nuisance of himself.

Her thumb moved over the keypad. London!!!!!

She stared at the phone for another ten minutes, checked the connection, manually refreshed the inbox, but nothing came through.



She hadn’t rearranged her schedule just to be a jittery mess in London. She had shopping to do. And it would be lovely to spend more time with Lucy than she’d originally planned. She called her friend at once to make arrangements to meet up later.

After checking into her hotel, Megan hit the shops on Oxford Street. She should have tried to fit a quick nap into her day, but her brain was too wired for sleep. By the time she turned up at Lucy’s Chelsea townhouse, she’d bought out half the high street.

Lucy groaned when she opened the door and saw the dozen or so bags Megan was clutching. “I thought we were going shopping after lunch tomorrow.”

“We are,” Megan assured her, stepping into her friend’s hug before they made their way further inside.

“I’ve just got off the phone with Kate.” Lucy moved behind the island that separated her kitchen from the living room. “She popped by Bluff Drive at the crack of dawn to say goodbye, but you’d already left.”

“It was a spur of the moment decision.” Megan dropped her shopping bags on the floor, sank into a deep leather sofa and kicked her feet up onto the coffee table. She’d been friends with Kate and Lucy since forever. Of the three of them, only Lucy had made a break from Corkscrew Bay. “Did you let her know I was here?”

“I didn’t have to.” She went to the fridge and came back with a bottle of white wine. She arched a brow at Megan. “She bumped into Jack Marlin.”

As if on cue, Megan’s phone vibrated in her back pocket. She pulled it out.

“Spur of the moment decision, my ass,” Lucy said. “He’s back and you ran.”

I don’t bite. You didn’t have to run from me.

Megan glared from her phone to her friend. “My life and plans do not revolve around Jack Marlin!”

Lucy poured the wine and brought the glasses over to the sofa. “I know what he did was terrible, but have you—”

“No,” she cut in firmly. Lucy was the only one she’d told about that night and they had a deal. “We don’t talk about Jack, remember?”

Her brown eyes narrowed in what was probably both concern and frustration. But she made the sign of zipping her lips and shrugged. “How’s the new book coming along?”

“I have an earl who refuses to kiss his new bride,” Megan said grumpily. “I have no idea how I’m going to get these two into bed.”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“Nothing at all.” Megan sipped on her wine, her mind instantly swept into the lives of her characters. “Elizabeth is the most beautiful debutante London has ever seen. She’s vivacious and witty and—”

“Okay, okay. So, what’s wrong with the earl then?”

“He’s first wife died ten years ago. He has to re-marry for an heir, but he’s never got over the love of his life.”

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