For His Taking

By: Kelly Favor

Nicole Masters had never felt such passion before.

Never had a man looked at her the way Red Jameson did. Nicole’s body responded to his every touch, his every word. She needed to be taken—she wanted him to do with her exactly as he wished.

Red was no ordinary man. Always in control, and always knew what he wanted. What Red wanted right now, was Nicole.

“Turn onto your back,” he said to her in a husky, seductive voice, as Nicole lay across the bed’s red satin sheets. This was the same apartment where Red had first shown her the kind of obedience he required in the bedroom.

And even though he’d recently proposed to her, Nicole understood that the rules in here hadn’t changed. Red would be in charge and she would cater to his every desire.

Dutifully, Nicole turned to her back. She was completely nude, her breasts slick around her pink, hardened nipples. Red licked and sucked and kissed them, bringing her to the very heights of pleasure.

He always took his time—his patience seemed to have no bounds.

Now he kissed lower still, down her belly, to the place where the heat grew stronger, where the flames of her passion kindled to an extreme. Nicole cried out as Red worked his magic.

Tonight he’d been so gentle, even though he was still very much in charge of their lovemaking. Nicole had expected anything, been ready to do absolutely anything he wanted, but there had been no blindfolds, no whips and chains.

Finally, he looked into her eyes as he climbed on top of her, kissing her lips tenderly. “My fiancé,” he whispered, smiling.

She smiled back as she allowed her fingers to gently caress his muscular chest and arms. There was a slight flicker of tension in his dark pupils as she touched him, as her fingers lingered on his beautiful skin. Nicole knew instantly why he was perturbed. Red didn’t like to be touched without first giving instructions on the matter.

He’d just proposed earlier in the day, in front of Nicole’s judgmental parents, and tonight was a celebration of the bond they shared. She wanted to touch him a little, to express her love and gratitude to him. But she knew she’d made a mistake.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“Why?” he asked, as he slid against her, making her weak with need.

“I know you don’t like it when I touch you.”

He blanched. “Why would you say that?”

“Because. You told me before that I shouldn’t.”

Red moved off of her and rolled to a sitting position. “That was before.”

Nicole reached out and touched his back and saw his muscles actually flinch in response, like she’d seen horses do when a fly landed on them.

“I’m sorry I said anything.”

“You don’t have to keep apologizing to me.” He turned his back to her.

“Why are you turning away from me?”

“Because, this isn’t how it’s supposed to go. You’re making it into something else.”

“Come back to me, Red.” She held out her hand. “Please. I beg you. I need you.”

Red turned toward her again, his dark eyes staring at her with something so intense it almost scared her. His curly, dark hair was hanging over his forehead and he looked like he could be photographed right this instant for some glossy magazine.

How had she gotten so lucky—that the man who could have anyone, any woman at all, had chosen her?

“Tell me you’d do anything I say,” he growled.

“I would do anything you say. Just command me, I want to.”

“Lie on your back.”

She lay on her back again. He was suddenly upon her, like a lion on its prey, his limbs intertwining with hers, thrusting inside of her in one motion as she cried out in ecstasy. Red filled her with his manhood, took up every bit of space as he moved into her with controlled passion.

One hand grabbed her by the hair and pulled. “You’re mine, aren’t you Nicole?”

“Yes, sir.”

He smiled at her use of the word sir. He hadn’t expected that.

And of course, he liked it.


They spent the rest of the night at his apartment. He’d offered to bring her back to his house—mansion would have been a more apt description—but Nicole told him she wasn’t ready for that yet. This was going to be a huge transition for her; going from penniless and living with her nosey roommate Danielle, to moving into a multi-million dollar home with the CEO of the company where she interned.

Red’s apartment felt right. Sure, it was the same place he’d brought countless other women, women who filled his need for control and sexual domination. But it was also the same place where they’d spent their first night together, and she felt relatively comfortable there.

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