Hot For Teacher

By: Mandee Mae

Chapter One

I step out of the cab, grab my bags, and just stand there staring at the house before me in my favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt that has seen better days. This is bigger than I thought it was going to be. I hear music coming from inside the house, but I’m not familiar with the song that’s playing. I really didn’t listen to a lot of music back home. Since this is my new home, do I knock or do I just go in? I wonder if they’re expecting me. I don’t want to scare anyone if I just walk in. Closing the distance between me and the front door, I release my grip on one bag, turn the handle, and open the door. The music is even louder now, so I doubt anyone can hear me walk in. I set the first bag down, just inside the door, and reach back for the second one, but when I bring it forward, it hits the door, causing it to fly open and slam into the wall. There is no way that wasn’t heard, and I’m right when the music suddenly dies down. Three girls come running around the corner almost slamming right into me before they can stop.

“Shit,” one says, but I can’t figure out which one it was. They regain their composure. “You must be Haley. I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam. This is Jenny and Kaylee,” Sam says, pointing to each of the girls as she introduces them. I’m a little thrown due to the fact that they all three have on very tight t-shirts and very short shorts. I’m not used to seeing girls in such things.

I’m so fucking nervous right now. They actually look happy to see me. I put on a smile and nod. “Yes, I’m Haley. I take it you were expecting me?” I look at each one of them. Even though I’m nervous as hell, I’m also excited beyond belief.

“Well, come on in,” Sam says, reaching over and grabbing ahold of one of my suitcases. “We’ll show you the upstairs and let you pick out a room.” Her and the other two turn and head for the stairs. I grab the other suitcase and follow.

Let me pick out a room? How big is this place? We make our way up the stairs, the girls each taking turns to tell me whose room is where, showing me one of the bathrooms, closets, and everything else in between. They stop at one room and let me take a look around before ushering me to the next, stopping at three rooms in total. Each room had two beds, so that means I would, in fact, be rooming with someone.

“Jenny and I share a room, and Kaylee has her own right now. The guys’ rooms are down the hall a bit.”

I halt dead in my tracks when I hear that. “Guys?” I cut Sam off before she can finish.

Sam chuckles a little. “Yeah, we’re co-ed, but don’t worry, the guys are really nice. They’re not home much anyway.”

Well, that should ease my mind, but it doesn’t. This is just my first day, and I’ve already been thrown for a loop. “Okay.” Am I really okay with this? It’s not like I have anywhere else to go right now, so I better just suck it up and deal with it. “Kaylee, is it okay if I just share with you?” Kaylee seems like a nice enough person; after all, I usually go with my gut on first impressions.

Kaylee smiles wide. “Absolutely. Come on…my room’s down this way.”

We all continue down the hall just a bit and turn into the room…which is huge. “Wow.” That’s all I’m able to say at this point.

Kaylee comes bouncing around me, reminding me of Tigger. “I know, right. This is your bed over here.” She goes and stands next to my bed. “Your closet is over there.” She points off to the side where my closet is. I can hear the other girls moving in past me, bringing my suitcase up, and placing it on my bed. “There’s a dresser, too.” She bounces around some more and goes and flops down on her bed.

“Since there are so many of us who share this house, there are four full bathrooms. We try to give each other their privacy, but there are times when one of us will come in while the other showers to put on our make-up…things like that,” she states, like it’s no big deal. Having someone walk in on me while I’m in the shower is definitely something I’m not used to.

I can hear her talking, but I’m not really listening to what she’s saying. I’m still in awe at the size of this room. From the street, the house looks like an average two-story home. You can’t tell how long this house is, or the fact that the inside is huge. I’ve always had a twin bed, but the bed that is before me is a full, if not a queen.

“Do you want to unpack now or later? We can give you a tour of the rest of the house and out back?” Sam asks. Since she’s the one doing most of the talking, I’m assuming that she is the leader of the three of them.

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