Hot For Teacher(3)

By: Mandee Mae

“Uh…yeah. I’ve just never seen anything like this before.” And I really haven’t.

I can hear him chuckle a little. “Did you not ever go out back home?”

If they only knew. “You could say that.” What else am I going to say? It’s not like I’m going to spill my sob story the first day and tell them what a shitty life I had. I moved here to get away from all of that. I take a few steps further out on the deck and take in my surroundings. The deck is big and leads down to the patio, which leads to the pool. There are deck chairs and small tables all over the place. I’m thankful that there isn’t anyone else around at the moment. I can’t imagine what my face looks like as I take in everything.

“Did you bring a suit, Haley?” Jenny asks as she walks by, grabbing a beer out of the refrigerator. Refrigerator?

Remembering that she actually asked me something, “Ahh…no.”

“You can borrow one of mine, if you want.”

I give her a grateful smile. “Thanks, but maybe later.”

Jenny walks back by me, handing me a beer in the process, then goes and takes a seat. She gives me a questionable look when she sees that I haven’t opened my beer yet. “Never had a beer before?”

That seems to get everyone’s attention as I can feel all eyes on me now. “Nope. I’ve never drank before.”

“Seriously?” Brendon says.

“Seriously,” I mumble back. Apparently, there’s a lot that I haven’t done that they have. I have a lot to learn.

“Leave her alone, Brendon. She doesn’t have to drink if she doesn’t want to,” Kaylee says. “Relax, Haley. Come over and sit down.” She waves her hand, beckoning me to come over and sit by her. Might as well join the party.

I walk over, sit down by Kaylee, and open my beer, cautiously taking my first sip of an alcoholic drink. It has somewhat of a bitter taste to it, but that seems to disappear with the next drink I take.

“Slow down. You’re going to be drunk in no time flat if you keep drinking it like that,” Kaylee says while reaching over and grabbing my arm while I’m in the process of raising the bottle back up to my lips, causing the amber liquid to miss my mouth and spill onto my shirt. I wipe my mouth, then brush what I can off, but realize that it’s too late when I feel how cold it is against my skin. I look up and see the guys watching me, so I look down to see what they are looking at and notice that my nipples are now very erect. I cross my arms and cover my chest as best I can and meet their eyes again head on. A smile splays across all three of their faces before they turn away. I know I’m blushing. I can feel my cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

I look over and see Kaylee grab the hem of her shirt, raising it up over her head then tossing it off to the side. She’s trying to get the attention off me and onto her and for that I’m thankful.

“Now, that’s what I’m talking about.” By the sound of his voice, I’m pretty sure that was Liam.

Kaylee doesn’t reply. She just lays back and takes in the rays that are beating down on her half naked body, and I can’t seem to stop staring at her. The small triangles attached to the strings of her top are barely covering her nipples, which are also hard and look like they are trying to cut their way through the fabric. The splashing in the water is what finally causes me to return my eyes to the pool.

I take a few more drinks of my beer and set it down on the table beside me. “I think I’m gonna go in and take a shower; maybe rest a bit. Is there any particular time you guys eat dinner or just whenever?”

Kaylee waves her hand up in the air. “Whenever we get hungry is when we eat.”

I make my way inside and up to my room, thankful that I’m going to have at least a little while by myself to take in everything. It was all just a little overwhelming, and now I need some me time.

Chapter Two

I’ve taken my shower and throw on a pair of panties and a tee then crawl into bed. Kaylee had informed me while I was unpacking that all the bedding had been washed, but if I didn’t like it then I could change it. I close my eyes before my head even hits the pillow, thoughts of the day still running through my…

“Haley…you awake?” I hear someone whisper my name and then feel the bed dip down as someone sits beside me.

“Mmhmm…” I, in my groggy state, roll over to the other side of the bed and stand up, raising my arms above my head, stretching, trying to wake myself so I can go eat. I turn around and meet the face of the person who woke me.

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