Hot For Teacher(7)

By: Mandee Mae

They all sat there listening very attentively as I continued telling them about my life back home. They would occasionally take a bite to eat or take a drink of their coffee, but for the most part, all their attention was on me.

“Wow.” Jen speaks up this time. “I couldn’t imagine.”

It was pretty much dropped after that. No one asked any more questions; although, I’m sure they wanted to. Maybe they sensed that I needed to take a break and just let everything go. Maybe they plan to bombard me later with more questions. Either way, it doesn’t matter. They now know everything there is to know…well, almost everything.

They all offered to clean up since I was the one that cooked. That gave me time to run up and shower to get ready for the day ahead of me. The girls said they were going to show me around town and help me find a job, if that’s what I really wanted…and I did. I don’t want to spend every single day in the house. If I wanted that, I would have stayed home with my parents.

By the time I showered and was dressed, the girls were ready to go. Sam elected herself to drive and no one seemed to put up a fight, so I went along with it.

I think we drove up and down damn near every street in town. The girls were each taking turns pointing out there favorite places to go for clothes, to eat, or just to hang out and have fun. We pulled into a little diner and had lunch before they decided they were going to take me to the mall for a surprise. I wasn’t sure what they had up their sleeves, but they promised that it wouldn’t hurt.

I stopped and put my application in a few places, but nothing felt very promising. I don’t have any experience, and that hurts when you are looking for a job. Well, how in the hell do they expect you to get experience when they won’t train you.

The last stop of the day…we pulled up to the curb, and Sam cuts the engine. We all exit the car, and I follow the girls into this shop. I didn’t pay attention to the sign so I still have no idea what’s going on. Sam walks over and talks to this lady, who then looks over her shoulder at me and smiles, causing my stomach to instantly turn into a knot. She walks back over and says, “We’ve decided that you need to have a little pampering. So…” the girls start to giggle. “We are gifting you your first mani/pedi. You will absolutely love this.”

The lady that Sam was talking to walks up to me and says, “Pick color.”

Pick color? What the hell is she talking about? I must have had a confused look on my face because Kaylee comes up beside me and explains.

“She wants you to pick a color for your toenails and fingernails.” I watch as the other girls go up and pick the colors they want, and I soon follow. Once we have everything picked out, we follow this lady to a row of chairs.

Now, I’ve never in my life had this done, so I had to watch and learn. Good thing I wore my sandals today. The girls took their shoes off beside the chair, then sat down, placing their feet in the tub, or what looks like a little tub. One by one, women come over, sit in front of each of us, and start working on our feet. I try really hard not to laugh, but damn, that tickles. The girls all laugh with me, which makes me feel a bit more at ease. It’s nice that they are trying to include me in their activities, and it warms my heart that they are thinking of me like that.

By the time we are done, I have beautiful toes and fingernails. I could get used to having this done. It feels good to be pampered once in a while.

I am exhausted by the time we return home from our outing. I think I actually fell asleep in the car. One of the girls must have nudged me to wake me up, because the next thing I know, we are pulling into the drive. How long were we gone?

“Did you guys kill her the first day? Damn…give her some time,” Zach says while he’s sitting on the couch playing some game with Liam and Brendon.

“Ha-ha very funny. We just showed her around and took her out for a mani/pedi. We thought she should be pampered a little bit. We stopped at a few stores, but other than that…” Jen leaves the end off. I don’t really care, at this point, what she was going to say. I carry the bags I have upstairs, toss them on the floor, and flop down on my bed. I need a nap.

Chapter Four

Two weeks have passed since the girls took me out that day. I did end up getting a couple of phone calls wanting interviews, which I went on, but no callbacks yet. We are all supposed to go out for supper tonight at some local bar & grill. I’m a little nervous; since this is the first time I’ve gone out to a place like this, much less with my friends. Friends…that’s what they have all become. Very good friends.

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