In Service To The Billionaire

By: Heather Chase

Chapter 1

Alone, bored, and desperate for someone to dominate her, Sophia had turned to the internet.

It was late—just past midnight on a Wednesday—and she had two glasses of wine in her, enough for her to have her legs spread apart as she sat in her couch with her laptop propped on top of her considerable bust. Staying up so late and drinking may not have been the best idea, with her starting her first day at a new job tomorrow, but she would let “Future Sophia” deal with that.

“Future Sophia” had to deal with all sorts of unsavory tasks—waking up in the morning after not enough sleep, cleaning up dishes left in the sink, sorting that weird pile of junk in the corner underneath the kitchen table, and so on.

But “Now Sophia” was on a chat room, and not for the first time. Her handle, subvixen, had netted her quite a number of “hey”s and “hi”s so far, which she promptly and thoroughly ignored for the most part. She thought she was a rather good typist, and well-skilled in delivering thought-out responses to those who spoke to her, and had little interest in those who could not at least pretend to reciprocate her level of effort.

Sophia had, for example, put a good amount of time into her profile—not too long, as she knew basically what she wanted to say—but it was clear enough to say exactly what she wanted and how she wanted to be treated:

Sexy sub lady tired of waiting for a man. Make me your servant. Make me forget all about the others. Train me to be yours.

As she took another generous sip from her rather-generously sized wine glass, another private message flitted up on her screen.

Mistermaster4U: hey babe. love the profile.

Idly, she let her fingers slip around her panties. She clicked over to his profile:

Here to dominate.

Short and sweet. That could be an indication of any kind of quality—good or bad. In the past, she had talked with men who seemed intensely fascinating, who then sputtered out and never came online again. Or there were others who had seemed interesting at first, and then her connection would crap out, or theirs would, ending the line of communication forever.

Why not reply. She was horny.

subvixen: Thank you. Every word is true.

Immediately, a response:

Mistermaster4U: what do u look like?

Sophia made a face. For whatever reason, she was in a mood to forgive the egregious misspelling. Maybe he was just netspeaking for now. Maybe if they got into the thick of things—if there was some honest-to-god pussy-drenching roleplaying going on, then he would pick up the slack. She’d give him the benefit of the doubt for a little while longer.

subvixen: I’m about 5’8”, with long black hair that goes just past my shoulders, framing my sexy face. My eyes are green, my cheekbones pronounced and leading right into a pair of sexy, ready-made-for-kissing lips. I’ve got long legs, big tits, and I work out six days a week (yoga and cardio), so I stay toned. My skin is olive-colored—I’ve got a mixture of Brazilian and Swedish heritage, so my bone structure is just crazy hot.

Mistermaster4U: Nice. And clothes?

subvixen: Not much right now. Tiny lace black panties. A white tank top.

That was all true, mostly. Her panties weren’t lace, and she was really 5’6”, not 5’8”. She didn’t know if she herself would classify her tits as “big,” either. They certainly weren’t small—but a pair of 36Cs never felt “big” to her. Still, men liked big tits, so...she said it. It was the internet—everyone lied at least a little.

Mistermaster4U: so hot

Mistermaster4U: kneel 4 me slut

Sophia sighed. Right. Whatever. She abruptly signed out of the chat and put her laptop down on the ground, the thump of the impact reverberating through the apartment.

She lived in the top floor of a duplex, and the bottom floor had been vacant for more than three months now. It was a fairly nice apartment for the money she was able to spend—it had a small but serviceable kitchen, a large living space that including a dining area, and one bed and bath. She lived alone, though, in the entire building, and so she wasn't worried about making too much noise.

Her fingers sank deep into her panties, thumb slipping over her clit.

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