Initiate Me(10)

By: Elle Raven

“You came,” I said softly, moving away from my car. “I thought you might’ve changed your mind or chickened out.”

“Now, why would I do that?” Her gaze flicked from me to the nearby olive tree and then back to me again. “ where are we doing this?” she asked as cool as a cucumber.

“Angel, we are in a park; there’s no way I’m going to throw you up against a tree and fuck you senseless for your first time.” I grinned. “But that doesn’t mean it’s not on the agenda in the future.”

She stared at me with her beautiful brown, intense eyes.

“Are you going to come closer, Mia? I can’t exactly touch you or teach you anything if you’re standing over there.” I chuckled as I offered her my hand and walked backward until I backed her up against the olive tree she was nervously looking at only moments before. I curled my hands around her face, bringing her plump mouth to mine. She started to twine her arms around my neck. I growled, grabbing her hands and placing them by her side. “I want you to keep your hands by your side.”


“Do as I say, angel.” I brushed my lips back and forth over the curved warmth of hers then kissed a path down her throat. After sucking on her flesh for a few seconds, I made my way back toward her luscious mouth.

Her breathing became erratic and she licked her lips, leaving them moist and slightly parted. I darted my tongue inside, groaning at her sweet taste. I angled her head, nibbling, licking, coaxing her tongue to play with mine. She let me do whatever I wanted, but she seemed a touch reluctant. “Baby, are you going to kiss me back or are you a virgin in that department, too?”

“You are such an arse! Maybe if you let me use my hands, I could get into it a bit more. I feel trapped. I want to feel and touch you,” she said with stormy eyes.

“Go ahead then, use—”

Holy shit! In a matter of seconds, her hands were gripping my hair and she smashed her mouth to mine.

With no more reluctance and no more restraints, she thrust her tongue in and devoured me. Tasting, sucking, biting and taking me to a whole new level of need with her hunger for me. Mia held nothing back; she kissed me harder, urging me to open my mouth wider, giving me deep, wet kisses, touching my face at every turn and tugging my hair when I attempted to move away. I was sure I’d combust in my pants any second.

This is no virgin kiss.

I broke the kiss and pulled away from her. “God, baby, I thought I was crazy about your mouth before, but now that I know you can use it like that, I might just go insane.”

“Please, don’t stop,” she panted against my throat. “I want you. Kiss me again. And again. And—”

I cupped her face and took her mouth in a brutal show of possession. She met my demands with unrestrained passion. I bit a path up her jawline to her ear, keeping my body against hers. “I need to touch you, angel.”

“Yes. Touch me. Now.”

“I want you to put your hands back by your sides. Do it.” I could tell she was going to answer me back so I teased her with fleeting, soft kisses, my hands sliding down her throat to the front of her bodice, squeezing each breast. I circled her waist and found the side zipper of the dress. Unzipping it, I peeled the dress down to her waist and unhooked her bra, dragging my fingers from the smooth skin of her belly and back to her breasts. Once I unclasped it, her heavy breasts filled my waiting hands.

She shuddered. “Zane—”

“I need to touch you. Let me touch you, angel.” My rough thumbs strummed her nipples. “God, you’re so pretty. All creamy and soft and sweet.” I rubbed my goatee and planted open-mouthed kisses across the upper swells of her breasts before I curled my tongue around a rigid tip.

Mia arched into me.

“Do you like that, baby?” I lapped, licked and blew a stream of air across the wet buds, but never sucked them completely. I glanced up at her when she made a noise of frustration.

Mia dug her top teeth into her bottom lip in her effort not to cry out. Yet her curious gaze remained on me. I bent my head and suckled her. Hard, deep and rough.

“Yes,” she hissed. “I like it hard like that. Suck them harder.”

Jesus, fuck, I was going to lose it in a fucking parking lot if she didn’t stop talking like that. I switched sides, taking my time, losing myself in her taste and the feel of her in my mouth. She writhed when I pushed the soft mounds of flesh together to tongue both nipples at the same time. “I want to suck these when you’re riding me. You want that, for me to suck them hard and make them all wet and slippery? Say yes, angel.”

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