Initiate Me(6)

By: Elle Raven

"Mia." He whispered my name so seductively I almost lost my nerve. “What brings you back, angel; you forget something?"

", actually, yeah." I nervously licked my lips as I pulled up the courage to ask, "I’m not sure if Marco or Max told you about the after-party. Just checking if you wanted to come?"

There we go. That wasn't so hard. I expelled the breath I never realised I was holding in.

"Oh, I most definitely want to come, angel. But are you asking me to come with you or drive you there myself, seeing as you've been drinking?”

“I am by no means drunk." I put my hands on my hips in a huff. Drunk, my arse. “But thanks for the offer.”

“You sure about that, angel? I've seen you swing back a few glasses of vintage Sinclair wine the last few hours. You probably shouldn’t be driving.”

“What, are you dying to get me in the backseat of a car or something? And how the hell would you know how much I’ve been drinking? Like you can talk! I’ve noticed you’ve been knocking back quite a bit of that amber fluid, so you won’t be driving either, will you?”

“I’ve been watching you. Closely. Every step and move you make, angel. I haven't taken my eyes off you and you damn well know it.” My confidence slipped as he moved in and whispered in my ear, “You like that I’ve been watching you, don't you, baby.?”

No point in losing my nerve now; I may as well go for it.

“So, um...while you were, ah...watching, did you see anything you liked?” I slowly palmed his chest as I spoke. Holy shit, I loved his chest; it was as hard as a rock.

“I most definitely saw something I liked, angel.” His gaze landed on my deliberately pouty lips.

“Yeah, right. Give me a break. You've ignored me for years.”

He managed to drag his eyes back to mine. “What, you saying I'm lying?”

“No, not exactly.”

“And what exactly do you mean by that?”

“I mean you respect my brothers way too much to do anything about it. You know that saying ‘all talk and no action’? That describes you to a ‘T’. You always look your fill, but you'll never act on it. Are you scared of them or something?"

Zane nearly choked. “Me? Scared of your brothers? Yeah, I’m shaking in my shoes, babe."

“Very funny. Let me rephrase it then, shall I? You. Are. A. Chicken." I jabbed at his rock-hard chest, staring at his lips while I seductively ran my tongue over my teeth. “Come on, admit it. Why else would you avoid me until now? It's like you were waiting for me to make the first move. Like I said before, you're always so straight-laced. Can't you do the unexpected for a change?" I challenged.

“I’d love to do the unexpected with you, every damn day.”

I reached up, letting my fingers fiddle with a button on his shirt. “Then tell me why you don’t?” I grew bolder and took the initiative, exactly what Milan told me to do.

“I’ll tell you anything you want to know, angel," he growled. “I hope you're not playing games with me, little girl.”

I stood on the tips of my toes. “In case you didn't notice, I haven’t been a little girl for a very long time, Zane.”

“Believe me, angel, I noticed.”

“Well, it's about damn time.” My fingertips delicately traced the outline of his jaw; a chaste, yet erotic caress. I could feel his erection pressing against me. It was hard. Very hard and hot.

“No games, Zane. If you want to play with me, all you have to do is ask. I’ll be at the after-party later. I'll be waiting there for your answer.”

I left him standing there, mouth agape. I made sure I swayed my hips as I sashayed my butt out of the room, back to the festivities.

Chapter Three


This is it. I tried not to look anxious, but Lord, Zane made me so nervous. I took a deep breath and prayed he'd show up.

Oh, my God, what if he didn’t? What was I thinking? I had to start my internship at the Brunetti Hotel Resort and Spas the following week. God damn Milan and her brainwave schemes. How the hell was I going to face Zane at work?

I always over-analysed things; I needed to stop. If he didn’t show up, I’d know exactly why: my brothers and the fact he thought he was way too old for me.

But I knew he wanted me. I could feel it. I’d always felt it. And earlier, I’d literally felt it. I loved how hot his eyes burned every time he looked at me. Oh, yeah, he wants me, but he doesn’t want to want me.

Well, that’s if he shows up. If he does, I'm taking a leaf out of Milan's Holy Bible and I'm pulling out all the stops. I'm going to make myself impossible to resist.

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