Initiate Me(84)

By: Elle Raven

“I’m too far gone to be gentle, angel,” he said gruffly. He increased his pace until I splintered into a thousand pieces, and he soon followed with a grunt. He stretched his chest to my sweaty back, caging me in his arms. He sank his teeth into my nape, sending goose bumps in a wave across my skin.

I sighed in complete contentment.

“Have you had enough? Or do you want to see if you can go a couple more rounds and see if you end up in the penalty box?”

“What’s the penalty box?”

He whispered, “The spa bath.”

Ooh. That could be interesting. “But—”

“That’s one,” he warned.

“I really don’t think it’s fair, though. You get to—”

“Do you want to keep going?”

I kept quiet.

Zane then helped me to my feet and kissed me with exquisite tenderness.

“Are we done playing games?” I asked him.

“I figured we were, why?”

I casually teased him by murmuring, “Have I ever told you how long I can hold my breath under water?” There was a stunned silence. “But if we’re done...” I shrugged as I spun on my heel to walk off.

Before I could, Zane scooped me up and headed upstairs for the spa bath. “Oh, angel, we are so not done yet. Not by a long shot.”

I gasped as he nipped at my earlobe and we both stared into one another’s eyes.

“I love you.” We spoke the words together.

One voice, one heart and one future.

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