Initiate Me(9)

By: Elle Raven

Her breath hitched. “Ah. No.”

I nudged my leg in between her thighs and applied a bit of pressure. “You ever had anyone kiss or taste your pussy, Mia?”

Mia moaned softly at the exquisite pressure and heat my hard muscles were creating by rubbing on her sweet spot.



“Yes or no?” he growled at me. “It’s a simple question, so answer it.”

The pressure I was feeling down there was incredible. I wanted more. I moaned softly at the exquisite pleasure he was giving me. The hard muscles of his thighs were rubbing on exactly the right spot. “Fuck, angel, that sound you make is such a turn-on. You like that pressure?” Zane’s eyes were on my face and I could feel it heating up. “I know exactly what buttons to push, baby. Angel, has any man ever touched this pussy?” He pushed his erection against my core, making me feel dizzy from my aroused state. All I could manage to do was groan. “So is that groan a yes or a no?

“No, no one has. No man, ever,” I managed to blurt out in a raspy, breathless voice.

“What about another woman?” he asked me with a wicked grin.

“No!” I said, perhaps a touch too loudly. Oh, God, my face had to be the worst shade of crimson by that point.

“Okay,” he smirked. “What about yourself? Have you ever made yourself come?”

“Yes. I’m not that innocent. I might be a virgin, but I know things.”

Zane hissed, “You’re driving me crazy, thinking of all the things I’m going to do to you. I want to show you how many different ways I can make you come.”

“Good,” I said with a newfound confidence. “That is exactly what I want. I need you to show me.” I tightened my thighs around his. “Show me everything.”

“You better remember you said that.” He blew softly in my ear and I shivered. “Let’s get out of here and go outside. I’ll wait for you at the Rotunda.” His voice was so low I could barely hear him. “And one more thing: no one else needs to know what we’re doing. Understand? It’s just between us. We need to start working together next week. You haven’t forgotten that part, have you?”

“Uh-no. That’s all good. Just us. And yes, I do remember I start working with you as of Monday. I haven’t forgotten.”

He eased away from me and I had to lock my knees to keep myself upright. They were shaking.

“Outside. In five. I’ll be waiting.”

Chapter Four


I sure as Hell hadn’t expected that to have happened; that woman was full of surprises. I had been in two minds about even coming to the after-party. I thought she was tipsy at the wedding when she asked me, but luckily for me, I did. There was no way I’d be able to resist her.

Fuck! I couldn’t believe Mia propositioned me to teach her about sex. I never anticipated she’d be a virgin, though.

A virgin.

Sweet baby Jesus. Had I ever even been with a virgin before?

I didn’t think I had. Ever. But I sure as Hell could teach sassy Mia a thing or two. Since my ex cheated on me, I most definitely did not want a serious relationship with any woman, so Mia seemed like the perfect choice.

Did I want to teach Mia everything about sex? About the sex I like, the kind I crave? Hell yes! It was my chance to prove to her and to myself that screaming, raw, hot sex owed nothing to love—just to lust and opportunity, both of which had been sadly lacking in my life.

Most importantly, I had to remember I had to work with her at the Brunetti Hotel and Spa Resort in the Barossa as of Monday. That meant I’d be working in close proximity with her on a daily basis. My new job looked like it was going to have a few little perks. What was hard for me to digest was I would be the first man to stroke that baby-soft skin everywhere, to fuck that tight pussy with my fingers, my tongue, and my cock. The thought of that stirred primitive instincts in me which I couldn’t wait to explore.

I heard footsteps and without turning, I knew it was her. She approached me with an appreciative smile.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her ample breasts. Every roll of her slender hips sent her short dress further up her thighs. It made me wonder if she’d move sinuously under me or on top of me. Or perhaps, on her knees before me, sucking on my cock with her delectable lips. God, I couldn’t wait to feel them wrapped around me. I wonder if she’d let me tie her up with her hands bound behind her back. Damn, I couldn’t wait to be inside of her and pump my cock into her hot, virgin channel. That pussy was being gifted to me and I was going to savour every moment of it.

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