Mated to the Billionaire Werewolf

By: Mina Carter

Chapter One

Death wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. There was a distinct lack of bright lights and absolutely no sign of the pearly gates or thankfully, the other place.

Death was…quiet. Peaceful. Comfortable.

Too comfortable.

Expensive feather bed kind of comfortable.

She was pretty sure the afterlife was more harps and clouds than feather beds, so what gave? The more she thought, the more sensation slipped through the blackness. Her body on the soft surface beneath, the pressure of a warm duvet above. Perhaps this was Heaven 2.0, a version never reported in near-death experiences. Anything was possible, right?

That didn’t explain the voices that filtered through the fog to reach her ears.

“Should’ve left her to die,” a sharp female voice said. Instantly, Eva disliked it and its owner. The whiny, petulant tone said bitch. “There’s no way the pack will accept her. She’s a bitten. She will never be anything more than a beta. And hell knows, we have enough of them.”

Pack. Bitten. Beta. The words slammed into Eva’s consciousness, dragging her higher and higher until she became aware that she lay on a bed, in a warm room, with someone in the corridor outside.

How many people, and who were they? Who were they discussing? A deep breath in rolled over her tongue, and something new within informed her there were two of them. One male, one female, both lycan.

Holy shit. Her eyes snapped open in sheer surprise. How the hell had she known that? On the coattails of that realization came others. Working out who was in the corridor wasn’t exactly a human ability. There was no one else in the room… Which meant they were discussing her.

“You don’t know that,” the male replied. “It’s not unknown for a bitten wolf to become an alpha. Rare, I admit, but not unknown.”

The woman laughed, the sound high and derisive. “Really? Come on, Ethan, you’ve seen her. Like the rest of the humans, pathetic and weak-willed. Good enough to fuck, but Alex needs a stronger woman to mate. Besides, a bitten wolf hasn’t become an alpha for generations.”

Okay, Eva had disliked her before, now she up rated the bitch to cow-bitch-from-hell.

Instead of the ceiling she’d expected, there was fabric. Blue material tucked into folds to create a swirl. What kind of person had material all over their ceiling? She followed the swirl with her gaze to the corner and a heavy wooden post. One of four that surrounded her and belonged to a heavy, antique-looking four-poster bed.

“Stronger?” Ethan laughed. “Since you happen to be the highest ranked female in the pack, it doesn’t take a genius to work out who you think Alex should mate, does it, Isabella?”

Eva practically heard the shrug she gave. “Well, if the cap fits… why not? The alpha female of a pack needs to be strong, capable in a fight and able to enforce discipline in the pack.”

Eva snorted as she sat up. Even with her limited knowledge of the lycan world, she could tell the woman didn’t know jack about true leadership. It wasn’t just about power, but obligation and duty; things which seemed to have totally bypassed the lycan woman.

Her head was a little fuzzy. Eva sat on the edge of the bed and checked over herself. She wore a long white nightdress covering her from neck to ankle. It wasn’t hers and a faint flush covered her cheeks as she wondered who had dressed her.

That question woke other inquiries and they crowded into her brain at once. Where was she? What had happened? Where was Alex? Why could she see smells, like an aura that left streaks of light in the air?

“Welcome back to the land of the living, Eva.” A man, presumably Ethan, stood in the doorway, a careful smile on his lips. He was tall, broad-shouldered, and if she hadn’t met Alex already, she’d have thought him the most handsome man she’d ever seen. But she had, so Ethan here took second place.

“No, don’t get up.” He started forward at her movement, a hand on her shoulder to push her down. For all his size, and the ring of amber in his eyes, his touch was gentle. “You were injured and out of it for a couple of days, so you need to take it easy.”

Her head had begun to swim at the attempt for freedom anyway, so Eva sat back with a bump. “Uh-huh. Yeah, sitting sounds good.”

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