On His Terms(4)

By: Jenika Snow

Her hair was down today, and the onyx colored locks brushed her lower back. Her light amber colored eyes had been more expressive today, and when she glanced over her shoulder her gaze was filled with a hint of malice. Rian imagined her hair in his hand as he pulled her head back and made her throat arch for him. He’d be behind her, and she’d be on her hands and knees. His cock got hard. Fucking hell, did it get hard for her. He couldn’t remember the last time he had thought about a woman and gotten so damn stiff that he had to shift in his seat and adjust his dick just to relieve the fucking pressure.

She left and shut the door behind her, and he heard Lawson trying to get his attention.

“Rian, are you even listening to anything I’m saying?”


“Of course I am, Lawson.” He leaned back in his seat even more and reached between his legs to adjust himself. His cock was like a fucking lead pipe between his thighs, pressing against the material of his slacks, and all but roaring out to be relived. “I don’t want to make an announcement, because in the end it really doesn’t matter. She’ll get her fifteen seconds of attention, and then she’ll have to move on like the rest.”

Lawson exhaled loudly, and the sound of a chair squeaking in the came through the receiver. “Okay, but do me a favor, and the next time you want to spank your partners have them sign a damn contract, Rian. This shit gives me a headache.”

Rian disconnected the call and sat there for a moment thinking over what Lawson had said. Of course Lawson hadn’t been serious about a contract, but more busting Rian’s balls because this had happened before, but honestly it wasn’t a bad idea. He turned in his seat and stared out the window. The only problem was he wanted a woman that could give as good as she got, that didn’t just submit her body to him because of who he was or how much he had in his bank account. He wanted a woman that would hit him back when she was pissed and aroused, not because she wanted to hurt him, but because she wanted him to give her more.

Fuck, he was starting to get even harder, and his damn cock was digging into his zipper. What he was thinking about would only end up in a shit storm like the other times he’d screwed his secretaries. It wasn’t like he was this evil bastard, not most of the time at least. He went for the women that wanted one thing from him: to wine and dine them before he fucked them unconscious. Of course there were the ones that thought they could have him giving them everything: marriage, a family, little babies. That wasn’t in Rian’s future and sure as hell wasn’t something he dreamt about. He got pleasure in seeing them limp out of his home because they could barely walk from what he had given them the night before. But Sorcha was different from any woman he’d had. Fuck, she was different from any woman he had ever associated with. The women that ran in his circles were brought up to stay quiet unless spoken to, and to be submissive in all things. They were bred to please the man above all else, because that was who took care of them. Maybe it was screwed up to some, but to the people he knew that was the only life they had ever lived, and that was the only kind of woman Rian allowed into his life.

He didn’t wanted a clinger of a woman, didn’t want to marry them just because he stuck his cock inside of their bodies. He wanted them for pleasure, and if they were willing, and agreed nothing more would come from that, then he brought them back to his place and showed them exactly what he liked.

But Sorcha … fucking Sorcha would give him exactly what he wanted, because when she fully surrendered to him he would be victorious. Yeah, he was a fucking douche-bag in a lot of ways, but that was how he had been all his life. With a tough as nails father, a mother that was more interested in the next party than in him, and isolation of being an only child, Rian had to rely on himself. Adapting to his surroundings was key, and so he became hard, unforgiving, and because of that attitude rose to the top.

He turned back around and stared at his closed office doors. Hell, he doubted Sorcha would even entertain what he wanted to do to her, let alone sign a contract for it. She’d slap his face, or curse him out. That had him grinning. She may have only been working for him for the last six months, but in that time just seeing her carefully controlled resistance, the anger she had simmering below the surface, and the way she narrowed her eyes at him, had his blood pumping fiercely. People bowed down to him, kissed his feet, and treaded lightly. She was a secretary, his secretary, and she infuriated him like no other.

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