On His Terms(56)

By: Jenika Snow

“I was actually embarrassed and nervous to have you over at my place.”

He smiled. “I know.” She had seemed really damn nervous when she had asked him over for dinner, but had even warned him that her place was a tin can compared to his place. “But you shouldn’t have been. I actually like your place. It’s very warm, comfortable, and not cluttered with unnecessary things.”

She pulled back and looked at his face. “I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment or insult.” She rested her head back on his chest.

“A compliment, baby.” He grinned.

She wrapped her hands around his waist and sighed one of those contented ones that made a man feel like he was doing all the right things.

“You are doing all the right things.” She lifted her head and tilted it back. “And yes, this time it was you speaking your mind.” She ginned, and he couldn’t help it. He dipped down and took her mouth with his.

Rian knew this woman was it for him, and what a fucking incredible feeling.


Two months later

It had taken two months just to clear his schedule in order to take this trip, and fuck had that been a long time to spend with the woman that he loved. He lay under a palm tree, the sand between his toes, the towel beneath him not hiding the heat that came through the ground, and the view in front of him giving him major wood.

Sorcha was walking out of the water, her long black hair in her hands as she wrung it out. She wore a bikini, and her curves were bursting out, causing his dick to get painfully hard, and having the only thought in his head at the moment be him taking her under this tree. It was a private island, rented out only to people who could afford it, and for the next fourteen days it was just the two of them. She stopped a few feet from him, and the look on her face told him she knew exactly what he was thinking about.

“You’re insatiable, Rian Hartford.” She moved closer, stopped when his toes touched her feet, and grinned.

“How about you ease my suffering?” He cocked an eyebrow, and grabbed his erection through his trunks. “In fact, I think for the rest of the trip we should be those nude sunbathers I heard about.”

“No way do I want my jiggly parts hanging all out in the open, getting burned.”

He grinned. “I like your bits hanging out.” He pulled his shorts down and stroked himself.

“You know, those six months of working for you I would have thought the man sitting in front of me right now was nothing more than a wishful thought.”

“I should take offense to that, but you’re right, and I’m horny, so I won’t argue.”

She reached behind her and undid her top, and let it fall to the ground. Her huge breasts shook slightly, and when she got on her hands and knees the mounds swayed from side-to-side. She crawled over him, being the one in control at the moment, but he was okay with that. He liked her thinking she had power, and although she did to a point, in the end it was him that fucked the hell out of her. “You know you can be an arrogant bastard, but the only reason I put up with it is because I know how you really are,” she said right by his mouth.

“And what is that?” he asked, looking at her mouth and wanting to kiss her silly.

“Sweet and gentle, slightly transparent with your emotions when you trust someone,” she said the last part softly.

“I’m only like that with you, baby.”

She smiled, and it was one that he knew she believed him, that what he said was the God’s honest truth.

Even if he did keep his cold, hard and domineering attitude toward others, with Sorcha he showed her another softer side. She was the only one that had made him see who and what he really was, and that he didn’t need to be a motherfucker all the time. It had started that week he had her, and over time she’d kept showing him that a good woman could make a beast of a man human.

“You’re only like that with me,” she said with a smile, and an almost distant, whimsical note in her voice. “Because you love me.”

He grinned, grabbed her behind the back of the neck, and pulled her forward for a kiss. After several long seconds of kissing her senseless, he whispered against her mouth, “Only with you, baby. And yes, I love you so damn much it makes me think one of these days I’m going to wake up and realize this is all a dream.” And with that he pulled her on top of him, wrapped his arms around her body, and told himself he would never let her go.

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