One Night with Morelli(68)

By: Kim Lawrence

Did not surprise but did anger him, and he had already made it clear to the agency who’d supplied her that he had been dissatisfied with her work. The person he had spoken to had been very apologetic, explaining that he was in a difficult position because the temp in question was his wife’s sister.

Draco had made the man’s position easier by dispensing with the services of his firm.

‘When did all this happen?’ Draco asked.

‘It was Tuesday the sixth.’

‘I was in the country that day. That’s the anniversary of my father’s death, and it has become a tradition for us all to go to his favourite spot. We take a picnic, remember him and raise a toast.’


‘So when are you due?’

‘Christmas.’ She placed a self-conscious hand on her stomach and said defensively, ‘I know I’m enormous.’

‘You’re beautiful, and you’ll be a perfect mother.’ He had never in his head associated a pregnant woman with sexiness, but looking at Eve and knowing that his child, their child, was growing inside her did not diminish his desire in the slightest; it simply added a new dimension to it.

‘Are you all right?’ she asked. He was obviously not if he thought she looked beautiful. ‘Do you want to sit down?’ Looking concerned, she nodded towards the bench that was set against the wall.

He laughed and sat down, pulling her down beside him. ‘I would much prefer to lie down.’

The warmth of his hungry, all-encompassing gaze made her shiver. She started in surprise when his hand went to her stomach, curving over the gentle mound.

‘And I am the one who should be asking you that question. Are you all right?’

None of this was going according to her script. ‘I think you might be in shock, Draco.’

‘No, I’m in love.’ And there was no might about it. ‘I thought I had lost you,’ he said, his voice thick and unfamiliar with emotion. ‘I just lost it when I saw you with Mark. I wanted to kill him! What the hell are we doing living separate lives pretending we can function apart? I can’t, I know I can’t. I need you, Eve, to be a whole person and not some cardboard cut-out. I need you.’

Eve stared at him, her heart thudding fast, and whispered, ‘You don’t have to say that.’

‘I do have to say that,’ he countered firmly as with a smile that made her heart flip he took her wrists and pulled her gently to him. Wrapping her hands around his neck, he kissed her tenderly and with infinite care.

Eve was weeping tears of joy. ‘Say it,’ she whispered, needing to see it in his eyes when he said the words; then and only then would she allow herself to believe it.

‘I love you, Eve. Will you give me a second chance?’

‘Idiot!’ she said, lovingly touching his cheek. ‘Oh, Draco, I’ve been so unhappy without you. I love you so much.’

With a groan he hauled her to him and kissed her deeply. His smile faded as he drew back and saw the sadness in her eyes.

‘What’s wrong?’

She shook her head and sniffed. ‘It just feels wrong to be this happy at a time like this.’

‘Would your mother want you to be happy?’

She nodded tearily.

‘Then let’s be happy. The real celebrations can wait, but the important thing is we have each other and whatever happens, here or anywhere else, you know I’ll be there for you, don’t you, Eve?’

Her eyes shone with happiness as she looked into the face of the amazing man she loved so much. ‘I do know.’

He kissed her again before they went back in—together.

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