Prince Albert:A Billionaire Stepbrother Romance(183)

By: Sabrina Paige

Before I can say anything, Gaige has the box in his hand and he's down on one knee in front of me. Tears stream down my face as he opens it. "I loved you before I knew what it even meant to love someone," he says. "I want you, forever. Marry me."

I'm saying yes over and over, and Gaige laughs as I pull him to his feet to kiss him. "Those are good tears, right?"

"Yes, yes, yes," I say. "They're very good tears." Then I'm laughing hysterically, and Gaige is looking at me like I'm crazy.

"What did I say?" he asks.

I shake my head. "It's the hormones," I say. "I'm a mess. I was about to tell you in the car, but you had all of – this planned and –"

"Tell me what?" he asks.

I open my purse and hand him my own eggshell blue box, watching his brow furrow. "Here," I say. "Open it."

"You got me a ring, too?" he asks.

"No," I say. "Just open it up."

He slides off the lid and holds the tiny spoon in his hand. "A silver spoon?"

"They didn't have any rattles," I say.

I watch as his expression changes and a look of realization passes over his face. "Really?"


"You're fucking serious," he says. "You're pregnant?"

I nod. "You're happy?" I ask. "I can't tell. Are you happy?"

He scoops me up in his arms, spinning me around until I'm dizzy, before he puts me back down. "Are you kidding?" he asks. "I can't believe you're even asking me that. Am I happy? We're going to have a baby? I'm going to be a father? I'm going to be a dad!"

He yells, and one of the housekeepers pokes her head into the sunroom. "Is everything okay?"

Gaige walks over to her and hugs her, spinning her around before he kisses her cheek. "I'm going to be a dad, Marta!"

Then Gaige bounces back to me. I don't think I've ever seen him so crazy-happy. I didn't think Gaige got crazy-happy.

Gaige kisses me full on the mouth. "I love you, you know."

There are few things in life I know with certainty, but that much, I definitely know.


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