Prince Nadir's Secret Heir(71)

By: Michelle Conder

‘Believe it,’ he growled, pulling her in close against him. ‘And mark my words when I tell you that there will be no more misunderstandings between us. No more worrying about how the other person feels. You know that I love you. That I will always love you and whatever children we have. Tell me you believe me.’

‘I believe you.’ She grinned up at him. ‘And not just because you command it to be so.’ And then she turned serious because she knew she had to be just as open with him. ‘I think part of the blame for today lies with me, though, because in my own way I saw what I expected to see and I didn’t fight for you. I didn’t fight for us. I won’t do that again. I won’t doubt either one of us again.’

‘And I will never give you a reason to. Now, please, habibi, if you wouldn’t mind giving me this?’ He took her ring from her finger.

Then he got down on bended knee and Imogen didn’t think she could love him more but, before he could ask her the question she knew he was about to, there was a noise in the doorway and she looked up to find Minh standing there with Nadeena, his eyes as big as saucers as he took in the scene.

‘Ah, I think we’ll come back.’

‘No.’ Nadir rose and swiftly crossed the room. ‘I know we haven’t formally met but I am Nadir Zaman Al-Darkhan and I would like my daughter, please.’

‘Oh, right.’ Minh blinked up at Nadir and Imogen thought he might swoon.

Then Nadir was in front of her again and taking up all her attention. He handed her Nadeena and then got down on one knee again. ‘I’m glad our daughter is here because I want her to witness how a man should behave when he’s in love with a woman so she will be in no doubt as to what to expect from a man in the future.’

‘Oh, Nadir—’ Imogen’s nose tingled as tears formed in her eyes ‘—I love you so much.’

Nadeena clapped her hands and tried to reach for the ring Nadir held up but he shook his head. ‘Sorry, habibti, this is for your mother.’ Then he lifted his blue-grey gaze to hers. ‘Imogen Reid Benson, will you please do me the honour of becoming my wife later this afternoon?’

‘This afternoon!’

‘Yes. Apparently there is a room full of guests waiting for us.’

‘But I’m not ready!’

Nadir gave her a wry smile. ‘Can I take that as a yes?’

‘Yes, oh, yes. Most definitely yes!’ She pulled him to his feet and stepped into his arms, where Nadeena promptly laid her head against his broad chest. Seeing it, Imogen did the same and Nadir cupped the nape of her neck and lifted her mouth to his.

‘I think I need a tissue.’

Having forgotten all about Minh in the doorway, Imogen beamed him a wide smile. ‘I’m getting married.’

Nadir brought her mouth back to his for one last searing kiss. ‘Yes, you are. In an hour. And you should know that I’ve told Zach that I intend to become King if he doesn’t want the position.’

Imogen smiled and finally felt that everything was as it should be in the world. ‘He won’t. You were born to be King, Nadir.’ She reached up and ran her hand across his stubbled jaw, her eyes full of the love she felt for him. The love she would always feel for him. ‘You were born to be my King.’

Nadir’s smile was slow and sexy. ‘A king who will be at your service. Always.’

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