Princess's Secret Baby(58)

By: Carol Marinelli

‘I’ve already chosen it.’

‘Well, that’s the sort of thing that might merit a discussion,’ James hastily said, and sat on the bed. ‘It’s for both parents to decide.’

‘Please let me have the name I want for her, James. It would mean so much to me and you know that I would have chosen it after careful thought.’

James took a deep breath and looked at Leila, who had just given him the greatest gift of his life, and really, how could he say no to her for something she really wanted? ‘Sure.’ He looked at his daughter and was determined to smile and say, ‘How beautiful, how perfect,’ when Leila said she wanted the baby to be called Jasmine...

‘Aqiba,’ Leila said.

‘Aqiba?’ James repeated, and she watched as a very real smile spread across his lips as he worked out the translation.

‘Consequence,’ Leila said.

No, James thought, a night, such as the one they had shared, could not be without consequence.

James looked at his daughter and said her name. ‘Aqiba.’

Their very beautiful consequence.

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