Resist Me(10)

By: Chelle Bliss

“Flash is just a friend,” I said, because it was the truth.

“He’s been in your pants, sister. Don’t try and bullshit me.” He glared at me, studying my every twitch. “He’ll pay.”

I sighed, blowing out the air I’d stored in my cheeks. “Whatever,” I blurted.

“James better not touch you either.”

“I don’t like James like that. I thought you boys were bad growing up, but he makes you guys look like pussycats.”

Tommy’s eyebrows drew together. “You got all this over a couple of drinks?” His jaw worked back and forth as he ground his teeth together. The sound sent shivers through my body.

“Yeah.” I kept it simple. No need to throw up a flag that alerted his big brother Spidey sense that James had fucked me senseless.



He sighed and wrapped his arms around me. Then he kissed my temple, and the warmth of his body felt great against me. He was my brother, and I had proof that he was safe and alive.

“We’ll leave here in ten minutes. We have to make it believable, Izzy.”

I looked up at him. “What do you mean make it believable?” I questioned, scrunching my nose as I thought about what that could mean.

“They have to believe that I had sex with you,” he said.

“Fuck,” I muttered, gnawing on my thumbnail.

We smudged my lipstick, tore my shirt at the bottom, and messed up my hair. The bar was dark enough that hopefully it would pass. The most important part would be my attitude.

“Don’t pretend to like me, but don’t hate me either. You aren’t attached to Flash, but you didn’t have a choice in coming with me, either.”

“I love you, brother. You’re cute, so it’s not like I would’ve had to bang Rebel.”

“Do not say the words bang and Rebel in the same sentence.” He cringed, opening the door for us to head back to the bar. “When we get there, just stay quiet and let me talk. I want to get us the fuck out of there as soon as possible so James can grab you.”

I sighed, wishing the fucking night were over and that I were in my bed…at home and on the other coast. “You know how quiet and I work out, Tommy.”

He stopped dead in his tracks and turned. “From here on out, I am not Tommy. Blue is my name. For fuck’s sake, Izzy, do quiet for me just this one time,” he pleaded before walking away.

“Men suck,” I mumbled.

As I approached his bike, Tommy turned and faced me. “I won’t see you again for a while, Iz. Although I’m pissed about you being here, I’m happy at the same time. I’ve missed you, baby girl.” His face softened as he held his arms out to me.

I looked around, wondering if someone was lurking in the shadows, unsure if I should hug him.

“It’s okay. Come here.” He motioned with his finger, beckoning me into his arms.

I wrapped my arms around his waist, holding on to him for dear life. What if I never saw him again? I couldn’t think that way. Thomas was the toughest man I knew. If anyone could live through all this bullshit and come out on the other side unscathed, it would be him.

“I’ll miss you,” I said, choking back the tears. I squeezed him tighter, rubbing my face against his t-shirt. “Come home soon.”

He released me, wiping the tear off my cheek with the pad of his thumb. “Don’t cry. I got this.” He grinned, his beautiful blue eyes twinkling from the streetlight. “Let’s get this shit over with so I can know you’re safe. You listen to James and do whatever he says, Izzy. He’ll keep you safe.”

I rolled my eyes, unable to hide my annoyance. My shoulders slumped as I thought about being trapped with James for any amount of time. It would be a total clusterfuck.

“Fine,” I sang, grabbing the helmet and putting on my head. “I don’t like it, but I’ll try to be good.”

“He’ll keep you alive. Remember that.” He climbed on his Harley and turned the key.

“Got it,” I said as I nestled behind him and encased him in my arms.

I rested my cheek against his back as we took off, headed back to the guys. I use that term loosely; they were more like animals that could talk.

If my brother had known the sordid details of my night with James, he wouldn’t have asked me to obey his every command. James hadn’t contacted me after the wedding, and for that, I was thankful. I hadn’t had to avoid his calls or block him from my phone. The man knew how to take a hint, but thrusting the two of us back together without being able to be in control freaked me the fuck out.

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